How America Started In 6 parts


In 1607, colonists landed at Jamestown. They established the first successful colony. Before, there was an unsuccessful attempt at Roanoke. It was tough, but Jamestown colonists pulled through the starving times, when the numbers of people greatly decreased. This successful colony showed others that surviving in the "New World" was possible.


The one on the left is the modern congress. The two in the middle and the right are the first.

In 1774, the first Continental Congress met and voted for taxes no more. The British did not listen and we went in to the Revolutionary War. The intolerable or coercive acts banned meeting in groups so, the congress was held in secret. The Congress belongs in the story because it set standards for others to rebel against Great Britain. It also led the founding fathers to meet for another one in war times that put George Washington in charge.


In 1775, the Patriot militia met up with the British at Lexington. The British beat us there but, we retreated to concord and gathered reinforcements.


A video about the battles.

At Old North Bridge, we opened fire killing many redcoats. Hidden militia members opened fire from behind rocks and trees. They also hid in houses and barns.

We forced the British to retreat and harassed them while they were retreating.

From hiding spots along the road back to Boston, we inflicted heavy casualties. One 80 year old man hid behind a rock and took on a group of redcoats with a hunting gun, two pistols, and a dueling sword. He popped up and shot a British soldier from point blank in the face. He then emptied his two pistols and started fighting with the sword. The soldiers overpowered him and left him for the dead, but he survived and lived to fight another day. This belongs because the battles showed the Patriots that they could beat the "mightiest army in the world".


The video on the Declaration of Independence we watched.

The actual Declaration of Independence.

In 1776, about a year after the war started, we signed the Declaration of Independence. We listed reasons about why we wanted independence. There were two possible outcomes, if we won, we would have full independence or, if we lost everybody who signed would be executed or really harassed. This event belongs because it gave the American people inspiration and boosted moral.


In 1789, George Washington became the first president of the United States of America. He also is the only president to have ever leaded troops in battle during one of his two terms. He set the standards for future presidents. This belongs because he set up the country really well.


In 1803, The USA bought the Louisiana Purchase. It nearly doubled the size of the United States. We bought part of the Panhandle of Florida and the port of New Orleans for 10 million dollars. For an extra 5 million, we got the whole Louisiana territory. (Really ripped France off!) The Louisiana Purchase belongs because it doubled the size of the United States of America.

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