Otzi The Iceman

Otzi the Iceman was found in 1991 by two hikers, hiking between the boarder of Austria and Italy. Otzi's death is still a mystery but there are many theories of how he died. But I believe that the " Iceman " died because where he lived was cold and there was no shelter for him to stay warm so he frozen. When the hikers found his body his body was whole. That mean everything was perfect not one tooth was missing. This was because his body was frozen. Otzi's body is now in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in South Tyrol.

This is the museum in South Tyrol that Otzi is in.

I perdict that Otzi died by becoming frozen because in the distant past there was no shelter nor there were any clothes that could keep him warm. He only had tools that helped him hunt and helped him survive out in the world. I think that Otzi fell down and tried to get up but he couldn't. That would explain why his arm was stuck in a weird position when the two hikers found him.

In the museum

In consultation I think that Otzi's death occurred because he froze in the Similaun mountian in Austria.

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