Exploration 1 By: Brooke Hanlon

Research Idea 1: How is mental illness portrayed in movies? How does the brain react to different stimuli and situations when these illnesses are present? What causes these mental illnesses and how many kinds are there?
These days, mental illness has gotten the cold shoulder and has been taken "lightly" in many peoples' minds. While these movies all have a common theme of overcoming mental illness, they also provide a sense of hope and accomplishment.
Research Idea 2: Everyday stereotypes and cliques are extremely evident in schools, but why do they exist? Why do they still exist in general outside of schools? People change their ideals to conform to society, but why?
These movies are based upon the idea of conformity and whether or not they do conform to the "popular crowd" or not depends on the movie. My question is what does it take for someone to make the decision to break free from society's expectations?
Research Idea 3: Addictions can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether the severity of the addiction ranges from shopping to drugs, there is still a lasting need for the stimulant that your body asks for. Why do our bodies and minds become reliant on these stimulants? Why do these addictions cause us to make irresponsible actions? Lastly, why is society drawn to movies that discuss addiction?


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