Citizenship For Immigrants By airiana Black

I have been given the opportunity to address the controversy on immigration in my year two English course as one of my final projects. I chose to focus on the demands for citizenship for illegal immigrants only because this controversy was the main one to hit home for me. Growing up I was an immigrant for almost 18 years of my life. It never really occurred to me, the realness of this situation until those that I loved became involved. Half of my family had immigrated to the states in the late nineties to escape their impoverished homelands of Jamaica. Most have set out to lead amazing lives with children and a home others not so well. A close friend to my family lived in the states for almost four years and never thought to gain citizenship until it was to late. He had done something illegal while in the states and was sent to jail. In order for him to gain his freedom he had the choice to be locked away or deported back to his country. When they sent him away he took nothing and left everything he owned and loved behind. This is why i chose to argue for this controversy so that people are aware of the hardship families and friends face when their loved ones are deported and taken away from them forever.

U.S jobs taken by immigrants.

Alot of people choose not to look at this controversy in a logical way. Many Americans would agree that these illegal immigrants are not only here in the U.S illegally but are stealing many job opportunities from rightful American citizens. But if you take a look at the findings in the graph above you'll see not many useful jobs are up for grabs if one dose not obtain legal citizenship. These jobs are low paying jobs that frankly Americans choose not to have. For instance jobs in labor or house keeping seem to be the highest held by immigrants. "U.S. employers who are able to hire them for wages lower than they would have to pay to hire U.S. workers. This employment is illegal under a law enacted in 1986, but some employers ignore the law and hire illegal workers in the underground economy. Others simply accept fake employment documents and hire the illegal workers as if they were legal. Because there is no requirement to verify documents presented by workers, employers can easily evade compliance" (FAIR). Going off of the statement told by the Federation of American Immigration Reform, yes many of these illegal immigrants are being taken advantage of by employers. They hire them illegally and use their legal status against them by holding out on wages and compensation for work. Most of these illegal immigrants are just trying to find a way to feed there families and stay off the streets. They come to the U.S looking for better opportunities in life then what their homelands had to offer not to be cheated in the work system ."If the hiring of illegal alien workers is prevalent in a sector of the economy, as it has become the case in seasonal crop agriculture, the willingness of foreign workers to accept lower wages because of their illegal status acts to depress wages and working conditions for all workers in that occupation"(FAIR). Logically speaking, immigrants are helping the economy by taking up these low wage jobs. Agriculture especially has become the top of the list for immigrant workers. These people slave away in the sun farming, making sure our foods are fresh. As U.S citizens we can do more for these people starting by paying them their rightful wages. These are people just like us with families to feed at the end of the day. No matter anyone's legal status they should still be treated fairly as human beings.

On another note i feel for immigrants on a personal level. Especially those who have had their loved ones taken from them by deportation. This young lady in the film in particular gives a first hand intake of her experience with her families deportation. She was forced to grow up without her family in the states with her through her high school year till now. Just like nay other child born in the U.S with immigrant parents, if no one is there to take care of you most kids get put into the system and end up growing up and not knowing where their parents are or if they are even alive. I included this video just so that people especially students can start to take things like immigration more seriously because these matters are dealing with peoples lives and families are being broken apart for the simplest reason of immigration reform.

These people come to the states risking their live just so we can kick them out or send them to jail. Just imagine the feeling if your loved one was put in the position to be deported or even put in jail. I feel as though us as students, we have a voice and we should be able to come together so that we can find a better alternative to immigration reform. Immigrants are people just like us. They are not here to put harm to people so the least we can do is get these people in better hands. Find a way to make America great and not a place where people should be afraid to live just because of minor legal issues.


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