Kareem Abdul Jabbar By JAkob Bowman

Early Life

Early life: Kareem Abdul Jabbar was born in 1947 in Harlem New York, but later moved to a diverse section of Manhattan. His dad a police man not always had time with Kareem, so with his interest in basketball he grew up shooting hoops at a young age at a park called Battlegrounds of Amsterdam.

Education: Kareem attended St. Judes elementary a catholic school. After elementary he went to Holy Providence boarding school, a reform school that contained 40 students that were all African Americans. Post boarding school Kareem was accepted into UCLA where he carried the basketball team that won three national titles.

Adult Life: Kareem looked up to a man named Muhamed Ali one of the most historic boxers. This motivated Kareem to win six NBA championships with the Bucks and the Lakers, and won six MVP awards. Along side of the on court accomplishments Kareem switched from practicing a catholic religion to practicing the islamic religion.

What impact Kareem had on the society: Kareem was miraculous on the court inventing a nearly impossible shot to block the sky hook, and becoming the most historic big man of all time, but off the court was where Kareem had a major impact. Kareem wrote books, and put together documentaries. He wrote books about how African Americans broke racial barriers against basketball, emphasizing the challenges African Americans had against racial barriers

New York city is a populated city with 8.4 million people living in it. 55.8 inches is the yearly rainfall in New York. New York holds significant buildings such as the Empire State and the World Trade Center.

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