Sweden Brady jarman


. The Hemsphere it is in is the north and east.The continent it is in is Europe. The country it is surrounded by is Norway and Finland also Denmark. The capital city is Stockholm. The coordinates is 57n and 17e.

Physical characteristics

Temperature zone is Arctic circle and the temperate zone. Sweden is next to the Scandinavian mountions. It is surrounded by the Baltic Sea, and the gulf of bothain. The Scandinavian take up more then half the country.


Sweden population of 9 million and is 90th world rank and is medium. The population density is 60.6 per square mile , the world rank is 192. The growth rate is 0.531 yr and the rate is positive and the fertility rate is 1.88 children which the world average is 2.oo per women. Sweden biggest city are stockholm

Sweden biggest city is Stockholm with 932,917 people.
Sweden second biggest city is Goteborg, vastra gotalandy with 549'789
  • 3 biggest city is melho scan a with 342,457
  • 4 is Uppsala with 140,454
  • 5 orbro with 107,038 .

The number of people enrting the country is 5.46 migartents.

Most of my country is urban since being rural is hard to do here in north Sweden. Where most farm land is in mountains or the north. 85% the population is urban.


I think that Sweden is a devoloped because is that the GDP per capita is 40,900. And the world average is 12,,000 US dollars Also the life expectancy rate is 81.89. And is pretty high for a country in the Arctic. And the literacy rate is 99% and the world average is 86%


One of the main language is Swedish, Finnish and small sami. And the most people or 87% of the population is Lurthen. Two sports they play is bendy and ice hockey. And Sweden also know for Swedish meatballs. One of the many sports are handball golf and football or soccer. The flag of Sweden stand for the kingdom of swenden. Thy are part of the Europe Union. Which means it currency is the euro.


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