John Tyler 1790-1862 Madison Stratton

Early Life/Childhood

  • Born in Charles City County, Virginia
  • He grew up on a plantation in Virginia named Sherwood Forest.
  • had a large family.
  • His father, John Tyler Sr., was governor of Virginia and later a judge.
  • When John was seven years old, his mother, Mary Armistead, died.
  • John’s sibling’s names were Anne Contesse, Elizabeth, Martha Jefferson, Maria Henry, Christiana Booth, Wat Henry, and William Tyler.


  • Formal Education at College of William and Mary in 1807
  • He studied law


  • Was Governor of Virginia like his father
  • Was vice President for President Harrison


  • 10th president from 1841-1845
  • John Tyler became president because William Henry Harrison died from pneumonia during his term when Tyler was Vice President.
  • John Tyler was a Whig
  • Whig- advocated national improvement and critical growth of executive party (President)

Impact and Legacy

  • Making Florida a part of the union
  • Signed Log Cabin Bill which let settlers claimed land before it was for sale and then buy it later.
  • Making Texas a part of the United States
  • He signed a tariff that helped protect northern manufacturers
  • he thought state governments should have more power and the federal government less power.
  • John Tyler thought states should have more power than the Federal government.
  • he did not fall in line with the Whig party politics. they kicked him out of the party.They even tried to impeach him saying that he misused his veto power.

Fun Facts/Quotes

  • He was nicknamed "His Accidency" because he was not elected president and his rivals said he got to be president by accident.
  • ¨Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality.¨
Early Life/Childhood


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