Principles and elements of design Patrick Carey

Contrast: having the viewer focus on one aspect that sticks out
Focal point: the hair of the hedgehog is the point that stands out the most to the viewer and is what they are trying to advertise
Lines: the Lipstick on the sides are acting as lines point to the main focus of the advertisement
Alignment: all of the text in this image of aligned together and is all off centered to the same pint on the page
Texture: in this honey ad, they are trying t get the viewer to feel what it is like to have a honey comb in their hand and make the image stick out more.
color: the color green is being used in many different shade which means they are trying to keep the colors the same, but also having the viewer feel the presence of freshness.
size: people generally try to advertise on large areas because they are so hard to miss when going by them
Repetition: Apple is trying to advertise the Ipod with the classic silhouette with the ipod and headphones being the main aspect being repeated
proximity: the editor of this ad wanted to put all of the ratings together so that the viewer wouldn't have to go very far to see the other ones
White space: the creator of this took a black background and colored in the white images to make it look like there is a hidden image.

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