MARCH 2019 Abba's Pride NEWSLETTER

This month has been another masterclass in God's favor here at Abba's Pride - not because anything incredibly special has happened but because God has given us the support, vigor and ability to continue to serve Him. This month we got to welcome a new member to our ever expanding family of staff, we continued to build and foster relationships with our Early Childhood Development Center partners and local Pastors, we've began laying the foundations for our agriculture project and most importantly we continue to ensure that kids get to enjoy nutritious meals in a safe environment.

The Farming Project

Excitement is growing as everyone prepares for the first planting!
Left - The garden beds at Walmanstahl prepared for receiving compost and eventually planting. Top Right- Delivering compost to the center gardens (Restorer). Bottom Right: Gail and Maria walking about the garden planning for planting.

So far the project is off to a steady start! After spending time at each of the centers collecting data and formulating a strategy to maximize the use of land to get the best possible yield, we had a pretty good idea of what to expect. The centers were given the task of sourcing manure or compost (some with a little help from Abba’s Pride), applying this and preparing beds for planting. On our end, we have been sourcing vegetable seedlings for each site. Excitement is growing as everyone prepares for the first planting!

Abba's Child - Child Sponsorship Program

Through Abba's Child, sponsored children receive nutritional, educational, psycho-social, and medical support.

What is Abba's Child? The Abba's Child Sponsorship Program was created to assist orphaned and vulnerable children. Through Abba's Child, sponsored children receive nutritional, educational, psycho-social, and medical support.

Our Current Progress: We met with Pastors in three of the communities we partner with and asked them to identify the most vulnerable children in their After Care Programs, those who could benefit from additional assistance and support. Following this, we conduct screening forms and home visits for each child. 20 children are now in the sponsorship process, mainly sponsored through a generous corporate donor in South Africa. We are also working on developing a process for sponsors to communicate with the children they sponsor, as well as receive updates.

Future Goals: We plan to fully launch the Abba's Child program for individuals in the US and South Africa to sponsor a child by the end of 2019. We hope to reach more vulnerable and orphaned children through this. Stay tuned for further updates and the opportunity to sponsor a child!


We continued to reconstruct the large donation we received from Truworths last month. Special thanks to our ministry partners at Pioneer Plastics for the use of their warehouse for this purpose. Also thanks to Neville, Jessie, Samora and Jimmy for helping with this project. A large portion of the donation was reconstructed into shelving units and much needed storage units to be distributed to the Early Childhood Centers where they are being put to good use.

L-R: Samora and Neville hard at work cutting boxes to convert into shelves. One of our completed shelves standing as good storage space.

We are always excited to get the opportunity to share the story of Abba's Pride. This month we got to do just that and invite some of local friends to visit one of our partner centers at Restorer in Winterveldt, northwest of Pretoria. Thankful for the opportunity to amplify the voices of our centers and the children, its what we're all about.

L: Our team along with our visitors standing outside of Restorer. C: Pastor George sharing a little on the center and the community. R: Gail (Agriculture Project Manager) discussing the garden.

The Team

We are so excited to welcome Samora to our team as our Communication and Media Intern. Samora is going to handle our social media platforms and also produce videos for the ministry. We are blessed to have him as part of our team.

Being part of this ministry has been nothing short of a blessing. In the 3 years that I have known Debbie and Lonnie, I continue to be floored by their generosity and selflessness in service and daily life. I am so thrilled to be able to be a part of this ministry and use my talents to help drive our organization so we can better serve at risk and orphaned children at all of the centers we work with. Glory to God. - Samora

Abba's Pride Mens' Retreat

Abba's Pride is proud to announce the Mens' Retreat at Watermarks Camp in Scottsville, Virginia from the 3rd to the 5th of May. All proceeds from the Retreat will benefit orphaned and vulnerable children. To register, you can click on the link below. Hope you make it!

If you are interested in becoming a part of our ministry, or just want to find out more, you can visit us at www.abbas.com or if you would like to directly make a donation you can hit the button below!

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