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The key pieces of our partnership are to ensure your assets will be protected and your wishes carried out during your lifetime and beyond. Our approach is partnered with the collective efforts of an attorney to comb through the intricacies of your family dynamics. Estate planning is a vital exercise in creating an effective financial plan.

What to expect...

Separate Discussions Focusing on Estate Planning

We believe estate planning is essential to your overall financial plan, and want to ensure this planning isn’t overlooked. We meet with you to review estate planning techniques and how to align your estate plan with your financial plan.

Review Current Estate Planning Documents

Many clients we meet have their estate planning complete; however, their goals and objectives as well as the law may have changed since the last time they reviewed their plans. We review your documents in conjunction with an estate planning attorney to make sure they reflect your current wishes and desires.

Preparation for Attorney Meeting

The technical details of estate planning can make it challenging to effectively communicate your desires. We meet with you to give you background information and help organize and prepare you for your attorney meeting. We can work with your existing estate planning team, help you vet an estate attorney of your choosing, or provide recommendations of estate attorneys we’re familiar with.* You will be responsible for any fees owed to the attorney per the respective attorney’s schedule of fees.

Accompany you to Attorney Meeting

We can accompany you to the attorney meeting to help ensure your wishes are clearly articulated.

Family Meeting

Estate planning is an involved process that includes family members and loved ones - which can be difficult to discuss. We work with you to facilitate a meeting with your beneficiaries and share information regarding your estate plan in whatever manner best meets your needs.

Transfer of Wealth

We assist in transferring your assets effectively and efficiently during and after your lifetime. In addition, we can provide support to you if you are currently acting in a trustee role to gather and transfer assets.

Facilitation of the Execution of Legal Documents

To save you time and money, we facilitate the signing of legal instruments by acting as a witness if necessary, and also helping with the retitling of assets and beneficiary designation process.

Ongoing Communication and Education

Life changes occur more frequently then we prefer. Reviewing your estate plan every two years provides you the peace of mind that your wishes are on track to being fulfilled.


  • Our focus on estate planning provides you an objective viewpoint that incorporates your financial goals and objectives.
  • Focusing on estate planning allows us to save our clients' money. We can shorten attorney meetings by gathering information and discussing your wishes in advance.
  • Establishing a well-prepared estate plan ensures an added level of risk management to your overall financial health.


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*For LBW's Wealth Management Services we charge a percentage of assets under management. Daniel J. Weiss has the ability to sell insurance based upon clients’ financial needs and/or goals. LBW does not receive compensation for any referrals we make to other professionals.

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