The Preachers wife by: shanese jones

Welcome to the house of Christ where First lady Brandy lives and Pastor Dan. This family was very rich and owned a church called First Life baptist. They lived in Buck head Georgia where most famous people they have two kids names Lilly & Zion. Pastor Dan moved here to get away from his crazy ex wife Rasheeda.

This is Pastor Dan's ex wife Yindella she is a crazy heroine addict now but of course you would not be able to tell because she keeps her self up. She is 23 while Pastor Dan was 40, She lives in Savannah Georgia.
As this Is Myrtle Beach the family plans to go on vacation for a week days here with out the kids. This vacation is so Pastor Dan can relax stress from his crazy past knowing that he has a ex wife named Yindella that attempts to destroy his relationships.

There is an EMERGENCY , as the trip is planned for july 4th. First lady Brandy starts to pack her bags as she is stopped with a phone call that shocked her and it is about her parents, she finds out her parents are in the hospital due to a disease called cierabolosis which is due to eating old and molded cereal.

As Pastor Dan arrives at the condo a few hours about 5;30 pm. He checks in the room and notices he has not recieved a text from his wife Brandy in a few hours. He shoots a text to her saying " Hey baby I have arrived in the room and let me know if you are on the way ". P:S im missing you like crazy lol. He does not read over it and as he pressed send his auto correct sends the text to his ex wife Yindella.
When the night comes around 8:00 Pastor Dan is now exhausted and in the bed. As he is sleeping peacefully in walks his ex wife Yindella which he does not even know is there as she sits on the edge of his bed she begans to lay with him. As they are sleeping in walks his wife Brandy. She begans to get in the bed noticing there is two people in the bed.
Brandy turns the light on and notices Yindella is all on her man. Pastor Dan jumps up not knowing whats going on and Yindella shows her a text from him. Brandy goes off and pushes her out the window knowing that the text was an accident. Pastor Dan and his wife pack and leaves Myrtle beach while leaving Yindella outside death with the text that read " P:S I miss you.
R.I.P to the crazy ex wife once again Yindella , yes once again she was immortal. Pastor Dan explained everything to his First lady Brandy & she forgave him. They went back home changed their numbers. Until this day First lady Brandy checks her husbands phone because you will never know if Yindella is going to come back and try to talk to her Husband.


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