The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells Presented By: Chase Mitchell

Author: H.G. Wells

Personal Information:

H.G. Wells was born in England in 1866 and died in 1946. Wells wrote his books on science fiction and later focused on social criticism and satire. Wells has written many books such as, "The War of the Worlds", "The Time Machine", "The Invisible Man" and more. In 1920, Wells published "The Outline of History", one of his best selling pieces in his lifetime.


The Narrator, the Martians, the Artilleryman, the Curate and the Narrator's Brother


The Martians

Plot Line:

Exposition: "The War of the Worlds" starts off with the Narrator explaining that people never knew that Martians were going to invade Earth, but when Martian cylinders fall to Earth there is big commotion on what it could be. The martians can't move so they build their robot/tank machines to go around and burn everything with heat rays.

Conflicts/Complications: By the time people figure out that Martians are on Earth, the British Army comes and losses really bad. However, the British Army manages to take down one of the Martian robots. The Narrator then meets the Artilleryman who camped out in the Narrator's house during this battle. The Narrator and the Artilleryman work together before the Artilleryman wanders off during another battle.

Climax: The Narrator and Curate are trapped in a house with Martians nearby. The Narrator and Curate grow to hate each other and the Narrator learns more about the Martians. He learned that the Martians survive off of blood, hence why they invaded Earth. The Narrator knocks out Curate and feeds him to the Martians.

Resolution: The Narrator leaves the house he was trapped in because the Martians left the area and he meets with the Artilleryman again. The Artilleryman makes a plan to hide underground, play cricket and kill Martians sometimes, but the Narrator doesn't like that idea and leaves. The Narrator ends up in London and observes that all the Martians are dead because of a bacteria that the humans are immune to. The Narrator finds his wife and rethinks how he sees things.


The War of the Worlds is a really action packed book. It has a really interesting concept with Martians invading Earth. Although, it might sound corny but the further you read the more you want to read and you don't want to stop.


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