Arthritis By Diego

What is Arthritis?

This disease is a chronic disease so it will last a long time or for the rest of your life. Swelling,stifffness and pain in joints may occur.

How do you get Arthritis ?

Elevated uric acid levels cause gout and specific infections can cause certain types of Arthritis . For many types the cause is unknown.

Who is most likely to get it ?

54.4 million us adults get it . Kids can get juvenile Arthritis is the most common type. 60% of women tend to get it.


Swelling,stiffness, and pain in joints. It can involve the immune system and various internal organs.


Physical splints or occupational therapy as well as weight loss,surgery and take medication.


  1. Safe play and practice
  2. Avoid sports injuries
  3. Exercise before playing sports
  4. There is no vaccination

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