Sky rise By platte whitcomb

Team platte, grace, and Ben

The sky rise challenge requires us to control our bot to grab block on our side of the field. When you get the block to the other side you can try to move the block to the top row(5 points), middle row(3 points), bottom row(2 points), or leave it on the ground on there side(1 point)

Rules-1. Can't block the middle zone. 2. Autonomous for 30 seconds. 3. Bot fighting is allowed. 4. Can't pin a bot against the wall 5. No excessive bot fighting 6. Different elevations of shelves are worth different amounts of points

We want a long arm with a claw on our bot to reach the top shelf. We also want a fast bot so we can use speed when carrying a block to get as much points as fast as possible.

What we need to make our robot narrower by make the bot shorter. We need to make the atomness program, and controller controls.

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