New Years Resolutions Gabrielle Wilkinson

January 2017
"What is your New Years resolution or goal? What does that mean to you? Is it a short term or long term goal?"

Ryan Fields - Junior

  1. "So, my resolution was to dedicate 2018 to the culture, and basically what that means is like further my understanding of the world around me, and whats going on with me ... and if I can help out with it, and advance the culture in any way possible.
  2. This is definitely a long term goal, like it just starts in 2018 and it's going to go on for the rest of my life."

Abram Anderson - Senior

  1. "My goal is to be on the cover of "2018 Men's Fitness," because I'm interested in fitness, and I love body building, and it's my passion. Also, because everybody else that thinks they're small, and can't do it in the gym, they can. If you try hard, you'll always succeed."
  2. "All of this means is ... I used to get bullied for being small, so I decided to start working out, and now I want to be on the cover of something that I love more than anything."
  3. "Definitely a long term goal, but it takes a toll on your health, so long term ... hopefully."

Zakyla and Elizabeth - Juniors

  1. "Well, I just want to stay far away from drama, because a lot of stuff happened last year ... and I just want a change and [I want to] be different."
  2. "Um, just staying to myself and don't let drama affect what I've got going on."
  3. "Short term"

Elizabeth -

  1. "My resolution really impacts my life, because this 2018 I want to stay beautiful and I don't want anybody to stop me from staying myself, and from expressing myself in such a beautiful and gorgeous way."
  2. "I'm a special person and the people around me can see that, so I feel like people need to embrace themselves and stay beautiful, thank you."

Breelynn Harr - Senior

  1. "Well, I don't want to have any pimples, or like anything on my face, because that's just not cute... You know, when someone is talking to you, you feel like they're looking at your pimples and not you."
  2. "A clearer face ... you know, just looking cute, trying to get a hubby."
  3. "Long term."

Savanah Downing- Junior

  1. So, my resolution was to find a music school to go study music at, for college.
  2. The meaning behind it is, I've been wanting to study music for like my entire life, and I finally realized that's what I want to do ...
  3. "It's getting close to me graduating, so my real goal is to find the perfect music school to go and study music in

Justin Maycock - Senior

  1. "I know I am going to be famous, so I'm just like, you know, accelerating that process, to become a star."
  2. Well, it means that I'm a star, and I know I'm a star, so I'm going to be a star.
  3. "It's a goal, that I'm going to achieve in a short term, but is going to help out my future for the rest of my life? Yes. Am I going to be written down in history books? Yes."

Kylie Doty - Freshman

  1. "So I can stay healthier this year."
  2. "Um, I can stay fit and not like last year ... I just ate whatever I wanted to eat and it wasn't good."
  3. "Long term."

Zachary Nunes - Freshman

  1. "So I won't be lonely."
  2. "So I won't be depressed."
  3. "Long term."

Sophia Moreno - Junior

  1. "My New Years resolution was to be more faithful, and it's kind of a long term goal.
  2. "I set it up, because my family is really involved in the church and I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page, and we were all supporting the same idea. It's something that I've always grown up with. I was born in a Catholic church and then I found my passion in my faith, and I just wanted to completely trust in it."

Teddy Tubelton - Senior

  1. "The meaning behind my resolution is that like, you know I like to make music, and I like to keep other people happy. Some people told me that they get happy when they hear my music, so I was just like, make more music ... make more people happy.
  2. "To me, I mean nothing really, I don't really care about anything besides music, so it's either nothing or everything ."
  3. "It's definitely long term, because that's what I want to do for the rest of my life."


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