Thank You, Bernie Keep up the good work

Thank you for conducting a famous eight and a half hour senate filibuster, publishing a book about it, and donating the $26,000 in profit to charities.

Thank you for being the Rolling Stone "Amendment King" in the House of Representatives, passing more amendments than any other member of congress from 1995 to 2007 (with 419 sponsored amendments and 90 passed).

Thank you for leading the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, making it a priority to take care of veterans when they return home from protecting American citizens.

Thank you for voting against the Keystone XL Pipeline and for continually supporting and advocating for Native American rights.

Thank you for running a presidential campaign platform dedicated to taking money out of politics, making education affordable, combating climate change, fighting for racial justice, LGBTQ rights, women's rights, disability rights, and immigrant and citizenship rights.

Thank you, Senator Bernie Sanders, for giving us hope for a better future.

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Bridie O'Connell


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