Chemicals Lab By, Andrea trujillo tinajero and jefferson Mestizo

1 Vaseline, White and thick, Ph of 8 and it's a Base

2 Hummingbird nectar, Liquid clear, Ph of 4, acid

3 school glue, White and thick, PH of 7,neutral

4 aqua safe plus, Liquid, red, PH of 10, base

5 body spray, Liquid, yellowish, PH of 6, acid

Borax detergent, Liquid, clear, PH of 10, base

7 S soda (sprite), Liquid, clear, PH of 5, acid

Pine-sol, Liquid, purple, PH of 10, base

lemon lime gatorade, Liquid, green, PH of 6, acid

stomach relief. Thick and pink, PH of 7, neutral

Imitation vanilla extract, Liquid and brown, PH of 2, acid

lysol cleaner, Liquid and yellow, PH of 10, base

ketchup, Thick and red, PH of 6, acid

apple cider vinegar, Liquid and yellowish, PH of 3, acid

olive oil, Liquid greenish, PH of 7, neutral

Created By
Andrea Trujillo Jefferson Mestizo

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