Allen Eagle Escadrille TWIB Notes April 5 - April 11, 2021

2019 SLT Summer Workshop

Message from Dr. Obado

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Drum Majors (alpha order): Maddy Beltran, Megan Carlson, Ainsely Ford, Jacob Groves, and Melanie Schwartz. SLT (non-Band Council) application materials are due by 11:59pm on Monday, April 5th. If you are applying, please submit your materials on time.

Please see Jazz Band Audition information as well as Ensemble/Class Audition information below. Starting next week (April 14th), we will have bands perform at UIL. Scroll below for information.

  • Jazz Band Auditions (scroll below)
  • Student Leadership Team (SLT) Try-Out Information (scroll below)
  • Fall 2021 Ensemble/Class Audition Information (scroll below)
  • UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Performance Information (April 12-14): Click HERE
  • Summer Band Schedule
  • Spring 2022 Trip - DEPOSITS DUE April 16th (Trip contract will be released this week)

From the Allen Band Booster Association (ABBA)

2021 Senior Shoutout: Celebrate your 2021 Senior with a social media shout out! Please completely fill out the form and upload a picture HERE. Questions, email Kerri Smith at publicrelations@allenband.com.

ABBA General Membership Meeting: The next Allen Band Booster General Membership Meeting will be Monday , April 12, at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held at the Allen Service Center located at 1451 N Watters Road. You can watch the meeting live on our Facebook page.

2021-22 ABBA Executive Board Proposed Slate: The proposed slate will be voted on at the April 12 General Membership meeting.

  • President - Justine Anderson
  • 1st VP Membership - OPEN
  • 2nd VP Ways & Means - Candice Sell
  • 3rd VP Logistics - Llyod Tillman
  • 4th VP Volunteers - Cindy Roberts
  • 5th VP Public Relations - Christina Ku
  • 6th VP Student Specialties - OPEN
  • Treasurer - Tim Bray
  • Secretary - Jennifer Hopson

2021-2022 Jazz Band Auditions

All students interested in participating in the varsity or junior varsity jazz bands will need to submit an audition. Below are the audition materials you will need. Before looking at the excerpts, please read the “Jazz Audition Info Page” provided in the Google Folder.

Audition Materials: Click HERE

INSTRUCTION: Perform the required audition music for your instrument through a Flipgrid Submission.

Please note that students who earn placement in the Varsity Jazz Band will meet during the class time at AHS (7th period). Students who earn placement in the Junior Varsity Jazz Band will meet at an after-school time.

Jazz Audition Flipgrid: Click HERE

Auditions are due by Friday, April 16th, at 11:59pm

If you have any questions about the materials or the process, please e-mail Mr. Baczewski.

AHS Fall 2021 Concert Band Auditions

All students entering 10th-12th for the 2021-2022 school year are required to submit an audition regardless of enrolling in band next year. The audition will count as a performance grade. Current In-Person graduating seniors will not be required to submit an official audition. Virtual 10th-11th grade students will need to submit the audition for class AND the official audition submission. Virtual seniors will need submit the audition for class.

INSTRUCTIONS: Perform the required audition music for your instrument through a Flipgrid submission. SUBMISSION DUE 11:59pm on APRIL 16th. See links for your instrument below.

ALL STUDENTS must play at least the first two lines. Students attempting placement in 1st, 2nd, or 5th period bands must play at least the first six lines (complete page preferred for 2nd/5th).

Please note that all students were already placed in a class/ensemble for the Arena Scheduling process based on past evaluations, Region placement, and performance in class. THIS IS NOT YOUR FINAL ENSEMBLE PLACEMENT. We will put students in their assigned ensemble/class after this audition process is done. We may have to change your schedule based on the results of this audition.

  • Flute: Click HERE
  • Oboe: Click HERE
  • Bassoon: Click HERE
  • Bb Clarinet: Click HERE
  • Bass Clarinet: Click HERE
  • Alto Saxophone: Click HERE
  • Tenor Saxophone: Click HERE
  • Baritone Saxophone: Click HERE
  • Trumpet: Click HERE
  • Horn: Click HERE
  • Trombone: Click HERE
  • Bass Trombone: Click HERE
  • Euphonium: Click HERE
  • Tuba: Click HERE
  • Percussion: Mr. Locke will communicate with percussionists directly

Student Leadership Team

Leadership is an important part of the Allen Band and an important characteristic colleges and employers seek out when selecting students/employers. The intent of the Allen Band program is to train every band student appropriate leadership skills.

Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) are simply leaders with responsibilities. Our SLT consist of our band council, drum majors, section leaders, drill instructors, and quartermasters. Each group of SLT are selected differently. All of our SLT will train with SASI, our affiliated leadership training organization in the summer. The 2021 curriculum is entitled Bloom. All returning students are elligible to try-out for an SLT position. See below for SLT Try-Out Information

DRUM MAJORS: Drum majors are selected by AISD Band Staff based on a specific audition. The specific audition material is taught by AISD staff and drum majors at our Tuesday Drum Major workshops. Phase 1 audition is on Monday, March 29. Phase 2 audition is on Wednesday, March 31. Students will be evaluated in-person and through zoom if necessary.

SECTION LEADERS, DRILL INSTRUCTORS, & QUARTERMASTERS: The SLT application process for the 2021-2022 school year consists of four parts, all of which should be submitted no later than 11:59 PM on Monday, April 5.

  • Part 1: Application form - please ensure that all information is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Link HERE.
  • Part 2: A video submission via Flipgrid, in which you record responses to prompts about your qualities as a leader. Instructions and the Flipgrid link have also been shared by Dr. Obado via email. Link HERE
  • Part 3: A video submission via Flipgrid, in which you demonstrate your marching skills in a predetermined marching drill. Instructions and the Flipgrid link have also been shared by Dr. Obado via email. Link HERE
  • Part 4: One recommendation form submitted on your behalf by any Allen ISD teacher who is NOT a band director. A Google Form link has also been shared by Dr. Obado. Link HERE.

BAND COUNCIL: The deadline for your Band Council submission is 11:59pm on Monday, April 12th. Click HERE for the application. To complete your application you will need to do the following items listed below.

  1. Submit a campaign poster/image with your social media link directly in this application.
  2. Paste a weblink of your one-minute video that introduces yourself.
  3. Paste a weblink of your social media account (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) with comments turned off/disabled.

Your poster, video, and social media account(s) will be screened for appropriateness and video length. If any materials are inappropriate, they will not be shared and you may not have the opportunity to revise. Your video should be accessed via web link (YouTube site, google drive links etc). You may advertise your social media account(s) on your campaign poster and video. YOU WILL NEED TO TURN OFF COMMENTS. If there is any inappropriate content on your social media site, you will be disqualified from the band council election. Your official video & poster will be released at the beginning of Campaign Week (April 19-25). Voting will be April 23-25.

Region 25 UIL 5A/6A Concert & Sight-Reading Contest

Our Region Concert & Sight-Reading contest will be held in the Allen Performing Arts Center Monday, April 12-Wednesday, April 14. Students are to come to school dressed in concert black or come to school ready to change into concert black (depending on performance time). Please see your band's performance sequence HERE.

Please contact your teachers NOW. This will be en excused absence. If you will be missing Dual Credit classes, please communicate with your teacher. Dual credit teachers usually want to confirm with your band director via e-mail.

From 2019 Summer Band Rehearsal

2021 Summer Band Rehearsal Dates

See below for our Summer Band Rehearsals. We are currently planning a normal summer band rehearsal schedule. Proper mitigation indoors/outdoors and appropriate spacing (like we used at the end of the Fall 2020 marching season) will still be of the utmost importance.

Please schedule summer trips and vacations around our rehearsal calendar. Students missing summer rehearsals will miss instruction and may not earn a contest show spot for 2021. We will release a Fall 2021 Contest Season soon.

Early Summer Rehearsals (Percussion, Color Guard, and Leadership Only)

  • May 24-28: Percussion Camp & Leadership Training (Digital AP Exams)
  • May 31-June 3: Color Guard Camp (Digital AP Exams)
  • July 12-15: Color Guard Camp

Week 1: Leadership & Percussion Only

  • July 19-21: Leadership
  • July 22-23: Percussion

Week 2: Full Band

  • July 26-30: Full Band: 7am-3:15pm
  • Fri, July 30: Evaluation & Assessment for contest spots during rehearsal
  • Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion all at AHS - Color Guard at different location (TBA)
  • July 30 (Fri) Escadrille Fan Fest: 5pm-8pm
  • July 31 (Sat): Registration

Week 3: Full Band (Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Color Guard @ AHS)

  • Aug 2-5 (Mon-Thurs): Full Band - 4pm-8pm
  • Aug 6 (Fri): Full Band - 4pm-6:15pm
  • Aug 6 (Fri) Premiere Show (Track Stadium): 7pm-8pm

Week 4: Full Band (at AHS)

  • Aug 9: Full Band - 4pm-8pm
  • Aug 10: 1pm-6pm - Pictures followed by rehearsal
  • Aug 11: First Day of School (No morning Rehersal)
  • Aug 12: Morning Rehearsals Begin (7am-8:30am @ AHS)

Spring 2022 Trip: Orlando

While not a surprise, we will be unable to take a spring trip this year. Allen ISD students will only be taking overnight trips if the trip is tied to a tiered level of competition (such as a tiered UIL contest).

However, I am pleased to announce our Spring 2022 Trip to Orlando, Florida. This is not a required trip, but is available for any enrolled band students in 2021-2022. Please see the link below for preliminary details on the trip. The dates are March 3-7, 2022 (Thursday before Spring Break with a return on the Monday of break).

While this trip is approved, we do not have many details at this point. Here are some notes:

  • Cost: $1500-1800 - depending on flight, meals, amenities
  • Deposit/Payments: Begin April 16, 2021- End February 2022 (this gives everybody plenty of time to save up for this trip)
  • Cancelations: Full refund (minus $100) if canceled by mid-November
  • Full refund: cancel by Nov 10
  • 75% refund: Nov 11-Dec 10
  • 50% refund: Dec 11 - Jan 10
  • 25% refund: Jan 11-Feb 10
  • No Refund: after Feb 10
  • Optional Trip Insurance: Families may choose to purchase additional insurance. If purchased, students may receive 75% of any costs returned to the travel agent regardless of cancelation date.

Students that make the 2021-2022 AHS Wind Ensemble may be assigned to the AHS Symphony Orchestra. The AHS Symphony Orchestra may be traveling to Chicago representing Allen, Allen ISD, and the state of Texas at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in December 2021. There will be costs involved for those students traveling with the AHS Symphony Orchestra. Potential Wind Ensemble students that wish to go to both large trips should start thinking now how to make two trips happen. Any student selected to participate in the AHS Symphony Orchestra trip can contact Dr. Obado if there are potential travel/financial concerns - we want to make sure every student has a fair opportunity to go on their earned trip to Chicago.

Spring 2021 Band Events

  • April 5: SLT Applications Due (Not Band Council)
  • April 12: Band Council Applications Due
  • April 12-14: UIL Concert & Sight-Reading
  • April 17: Meet the Escadrille
  • May 11: Jazz Concert
  • May 15: Solo & Ensemble Contest (Coppell HS)
  • May 17-18: Spring Band Concerts and Awards