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A) what do you do?

B) I´m a player soccer. And you?

A) I´m a student

A) Juan, this is Ana. Ana´s my colleague.

B) Hi Ana.

C) Hi Juan, nice too meet you.

B) nice too meet you.

A) Excuse me. Where´s the San Marino?

B) The San Marino? it ´s around the corner.

A) Thanks.

B) You´re welcome.

A) who is that?

B) that is mother.

A) and who are they?

B) they are my brothers, Jose and Carolina

A) What time is the meeting ?

B) 09:00

A) Uh-oh. am i late?

B) No you´re not. it´s ten to nine.

A) Ten to nine?

B) That´s right. you´re early

A) I really like that sweater.

B) Really?

A) Yes. And i like those shoes, too!

B) Thank you!

A) You are welcome.

A) Are you a morning person or an evening person?.

B) Me? I am definetely an evening person.

A) And why do you say that?

B) Well i get up after eleven in the morning. And i go to bed after three. What about you?

A) I am morning person.i get up before five.

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