TFS Fall Newsletter 2019

Welcome to our 2019 Fall Newsletter! We hope you enjoy the events that have taken place at TFS in the past few months. If you have any pictures, please feel free to email them to newsletter@nashvilletfs.org. If you would like to find out more about our staff and updates on TFS, email Shelly Hall at shelly.hall@nashvilletfs.org and you will be added to our subscriber list for the TFS Connection. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at TFS!

Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word on our open positions! We are still recruiting for LPN's, CNA's, DST's, & House Managers (FT's). Please reach out to Naomi or Hailey in our HR Department if you have any questions.

TFS Annual Fall/Halloween Party

Watch out! Chris and the guys came as WWE wrestlers.

Thank you to all admin that helped set up, serve, and clean for the party!

Jake rocking his Aladdin Costume!

Joanna and her prisoners

The hayride is always a hit!

Marla was impressed with John's pictures that he took of her on his iPad

The cutest Mario and Luigi!

Thank you to all homes who came and dressed out! Everyone looked great!!

There was plenty to enjoy at our annual chili cook-off! Homes and Admin. brought their delicious recipes and a panel voted on the top 3 (There was a tie for 3rd!). Congratulations, Joyce and ICF4, Herling and 2H, Chandy, and Regina and ICF2!

A letter from Ralph-

It seems like time accelerates whenever the Holiday season arrives. There is more to be done in our personal lives and with more people taking vacation, time to catch some memorable moments with their families - who are often arriving from far-away places - the pace at work seems to accelerate as well. Of all of the times of the year, this should be the one where life slows so that we can do a little meditation on the meaning of it all. However, life does not work like that.

Life at TFS has been challenging during 2019, although nothing is new here. As the old year draws to a close I am meditating a little bit on our accomplishments: Most of the challenges have been good challenges, and they represent growing pains as we struggle to fulfill our Mission.

We opened our first medical clinic (and psychiatric clinic) in 2013. In May of this year we launched what we intend to develop into a full-time Specialty Clinic concentrating on services to the ID population. We negotiated a contract with a company with expertise in medical startups and are now credentialed by 11 different insurers. We have had meetings with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and look forward to collaborating with them and the other two Managed Care Organizations to provide special primary care to our special folks. In our meeting we found ourselves on the same page in recognizing the need to provide special care for these special folk.

We have been spending time exploring a possible collaboration with a psychiatrist who is interested in partnering with a primary medical provider to provide medical and behavioral healthcare to those with a dual diagnosis. This has long been something lacking in community healthcare for the doubly disabled.

A special thank you to our dedicated staff who have continued to rise to these challenges and who will continue to do so in 2020! Here’s hoping you have a Merry Christmas and wishing you a prosperous New Year.

Click the button above for a yummy recipe - Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls! Great dessert for this time of year. :)

Ami Gauldin- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Andrew Howard- QIDP/TFM Consultant, Basiru Konta- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Brad Bellew- Maintenance, Brittany Johnson- Director of Programs, Chandra Michon- TFM Consultant, Daniel Bellew- Maintenance, Elaine Palmer- RN Trainer, Hailey Hall- Human Resources Assistant, Holly Puckett- Hub Nurse, Jackie Scarlett- Service Coordinator, Jessica Brown- Hub Nurse, Joyce Gilton- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Kimberly Snipes- IMC/QA Coordinator, Lindsey Wisniewski- Hub Nurse, Michele Callahan- Office Manager, Naomi Thomas- Human Resources Director, Randi Folger- Assistant Office Manager, Ralph Kennedy- CEO, Rita Tate- QA Auditor, Sarah Napper- ADON, Shelly Hall- Executive Director, Sonya Burnett- Staffing Coordinator, Tracy Kennedy- Admin. Assistant, Tracy Parker-Oyinlola- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Quintin Perkins- TFM Consultant, Whitney Lester- DON, Sonette Lazare- Admin. Assistant

Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your friends, family and loved ones!


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