SNHU's Online Writing Center Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


How can I reach the Online Writing Center?

To submit your paper for written feedback in a Brightspace course, go to your Learning Modules menu and click the “Start Here” option. Locate the icon labeled “24/7 NetTutor Written Feedback.” Fill out the upload form to send your paper to our partner, Net Tutor. You can retrieve your feedback from this same location within 48 hours.

If your course does not have a "Start Here" button, look instead for a module tile called "Academic Support." You will find Net Tutor in this tile folder.

For a visual guide to locating Net Tutor, check out this tutorial: http://bit.ly/OWC_WhereIsNetTutor.

To ask a writing question, visit the Writing Center's home page within the SNHUConnect environment. Our Writing Coaches and your fellow students will be able to answer your question, offer advice, or guide you to resources like our YouTube channel, where you can watch short video tutorials on writing topics such as citation, grammar, and crafting your paper.

To call us by phone for quick questions, dial 866-721-1662 and select the option for the Online Writing Center. Our phone lines are covered from 9am - 6pm EST, and we often have coaches covering additional evening hours, especially during busy times of the term. Our coaches may be in appointments when you call. If you reach our voice mail, please leave a message and a coach will return your call promptly.

To book a 1:1 appointment with one of our SNHU Writing Coaches, visit our Academic Support Scheduler. Create a free account using your SNHU email address, and use the drop-down service selector to choose Writing Coaching. You can sort our schedule by coach or by day. Students may book one live appointment per 48-hour time frame.

To join one of our Writing Workshops, visit our Workshop Schedule page to browse our offerings. We host over 75 workshops each term, and offer them in rotations so you can find a time that meets your needs. You can register for a workshop by visiting our Academic Support Scheduler. For help in booking your workshop session, view our short tutorial.

What support can I receive on the Writing Center's website?

The OWC Website is a great space to browse through available options for support. We provide a live feed where students can post questions and interact with peers. If you see a question you know the answer to, feel free to answer it! Our Writing Coaches are also monitoring the live feed and will chime in with support (although please give them some time - they are very busy in 1:1 and workshop meetings!).

Please note that you should never upload your paper directly to our live feed on our website. This makes your work visible to anyone visiting our site, and could be a violation of our Academic Honesty Policy. Papers uploaded to our feed will be taken down by our staff.

You can also find links to our ESOL supports, our YouTube channel, our Workshop schedule, and our Meet the Team page. Check out that last option to read about your writing coach, and browse things he or she has written and read lately!

What are the Writing Center’s hours?

Our Writing Coaches offer writing support 7 days a week, including nights, weekends, and most holidays. Please note that our Writing Coaches may take up to 48 hours to respond with written feedback, so factor that in when submitting your papers.

How do I join my live appointment session?

To join your appointment session, find your confirmation email that was sent to you the day you booked your appointment. Scroll down and you will find a URL link to join your coach in the appointment. You may also find our short video tutorial helpful.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, or if you cannot locate your confirmation to retrieve your meeting link, please email us at writingcenter@snhu.edu.

What is Net Tutor?

Net Tutor is our partner writing support service that works with us to provide written feedback to students. Net Tutor works closely with our SNHU Writing Center team to understand your course assignments in order to offer you specific and supportive feedback on your papers. For the best results with Net Tutor, note any details about your assignment that you are struggling with when you fill out the comments on their upload form. Examples of the support Net Tutor can offer include citations, organization, structure, and grammar.

When should I book a live coaching session?

We recommend you book with a live coach if you need writing help beyond grammar and citation help. While Net Tutor can guide you to resources for sentence structure and APA on a case-by-case basis, our in-house Writing Coaches can help you when you're struggling to understand your instructor's feedback, or you feel like you need more consistent and regular help with your writing. Your coach will identify areas of your writing that you can improve, and will support you in building your strengths through each assignment. Ideally, you'll use both Net Tutor and the live coaching as two sides of a comprehensive writing support network.



How do I start my paper?

Consider checking out our videos on the many aspects of the Writing Process. These short tutorials on thesis, organization, analysis, and more can help you understand the different components of an essay, as well as offer tips on how to start them.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence (or two!) found in your introduction that states what the main argument or point of your essay will be. Check out our Writing Process playlist of videos, which explains thesis statements more in depth!

Where can I find sources for my paper?

The Shapiro Library is a great place for you to start your research. Check out their library guide, which explains their resources and services. Their homepage also has a “Chat with a Librarian” feature where you can ask question about sources. You’re sure to find a credible source there!


What is APA, MLA, Chicago Style, and how do I begin to understand this?

We have instructional and practice materials in our Writing Center Learning Community! Click on “Practice Your Skills” and choose the topic you’d like to learn more about. Work at your own pace – this is a free, non-graded space for you to explore.

How do I cite ______ in APA?

If your instructor is asking you to cite using APA guidelines, make sure to check out the Shapiro Library’s APA Style Guide, which shows you how to cite a variety of sources, from articles, to websites, and more! We also offer APA-specific short tutorial videos to guide you.

How do I cite ______ in MLA?

If your instructor is asking you to cite using MLA guidelines, make sure to check out the Shapiro Library’s MLA Style Guide, which shows you how to cite a variety of sources, from articles, to websites, and more! We also offer MLA-specific short tutorial videos to guide you.

How do I format my paper in APA?

For APA, there are specific formatting guidelines you must follow. Review this Sample Paper, which has already been formatted according to APA guidelines. You may also like our video on formatting your paper using APA.

How do I format my paper in MLA?

For MLA, there are specific formatting guidelines you must follow. Review this MLA Sample Paper guide, which explains and has already been formatted according to the MLA guidelines. You may also like our video on formatting you paper using MLA.

Assignment Troubles

"What does my prompt mean when the assignment says…?"

"When is my assignment due?"

These (and similar wonderings) are course-specific questions. Consider referring back to your rubric for clarification, or emailing your instructor for further guidance. You can also try posting your question to your course-specific Learning Community, where your peers and peer leaders can help you. They are in your course and familiar with your assignments.

Technology Troubles

"I am having trouble uploading my paper, embedding a video, connecting to my email, etc. What should I do?"

These sound like issues with technology. We encourage you to contact the Technology Help Desk’s homepage where you can live chat with a member of the support staff. You call also call them for live support by dialing 1-855-877-9919.

The OWC Writing Coaches are here to help your writing, every step of the way!

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