Malinalli M. Diaz Portrait, studio, & landscape Photographer


The grapevines is a place I often go to with my grandpa to walk, where we are surrounded by the green vines and smell of grapes. It is a place with many memories of laughter, love, and joy.


I hold this record collection dear to my heart. It is a passageway to my grandparent's life, it give me insight on their relationship and transports me to a different time


Malinalli M. Diaz is a 13-year-old indigenous girl who grew up and currently lives in El Sereno. She currently attends Anahuacalmecac. Malinalli is constantly inspired by the strong women in her life. Her grandmother and mom are a big inspiration for her. They are both kind, strong, resilient women, who motivate her to work harder and not give up. When Malinalli grows up, she hopes to be an OB-GYN or open a domestic violence shelter. She views photography as a way to share her reality, and it allows her to capture a moment that she can cherish. She wants people to see the world through her eyes. To her, photography is a platform to bring awareness to issues.