Ryan's Guided Reading La13. Young green

This is the Golden Gate Bridge. Building Big Dreams

Context questions.

I think the main purpose of Building Big Dreams is To give information.

I think Building Big Dreams is a non fiction text.

The three clues that make me think Building Big Dream is a non fiction is there are real photos, the are captions and the is a glossary.

To understand Building Big Dreams you need to read the captions, read the text and look at the photos.

This is a picture of a solar panel that makes solar energy

Energy sources

Context questions

The main purpose of Energy sources is to give information.

I Think Energy sources is a report about energy.

The three clues that make me think this is because the is content, photos and diagrams.

In order to understand Energy sources you need to look and read the photo captions and diagrams.

Vocabulary questions.

Penstock. Definition- A pipe conducting water from a head gate to a waiter wheel.

Waterwheel.Definition-A wheel or turbine turned by the weight or momentum of water and used to move machinery

Language questions

Some important facts is dams make it hard for fish to breed. Solar power is good because then you aren't using gas and creating green house gas.

Statistic.There are more than 2,000 hydroelectrics in a dam.

Dams produce a great deal of needed electricity.

Strategy questions

I have used this weeks reading strategy when I was reading page 18. My question was how big would the explosion be.

This week I have not used any other reading strategy.

A pterodactyl fossil Early birds

Early birds context questions

The main purpose of this text is to give information

I think the text type is a article because it gives facts.

The three clues that make me think this is there are diagrams , a glossary and real photos.

In order to understand this text you need to look at the diagrams.

Vocabulary questions

Language questions


Pterodactyl basically meant winged lizard.

The reputation of Archaeopteryx as the first true bird is a bit overblown.

Strategies questions

This week in my book I did not need to use the strategie

I have also used questioning while reading my question was how many bird Dinosaurs were there.

Personal response

The thoughts that came into my mind was wow some dinosaurs still exist.

I wonder how much animal species are related to dinosaurs.

This text reminds me of one of my history books at home.

I learnt that some species of dinosaurs still exist.


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