Copper Shark Coastal sharks of the world

Copper sharks are part of the carcharhinus prachyurus species, they are related to the spinner shark, the silky shark, the dusky shark, and the sandbar shark.

Copper sharks live to be 30 years old, they have narrow hook-shaped upper teeth, lack a prominent ridge between the dorsal fins, and have plan bronze coloration.

Copper sharks grow up to 11.6ft long. They can weight up to 670Ib.

Copper sharks prefer warm water/ sub tropical rather than tropical waters. They inhabit the coast of Australia, New Zealand, Mediterranean, indo-pacific, southern California, and the gulf of Mexico.

Copper fish eat boney fish, cephalopods, other small sharks, and rays.

Copper sharks swim in groups of hundreds called a school of copper fish( gangs).

Copper fish are not dangerous to humans. Its uncommon to hear about a non-fatal copper shark attack. Most humans hunt and use copper sharks for their oils, and skin.

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