Rigdon's Art By:Nathan Rigdon

I took advanced art so I could better my art skills. I wanted to learn new techniques and try to things to see what I'm good at art wise.

This is the piece I feel most accomplished about because it really doesn't look to bad. It took a while to get to this point and it was the first time using large amounts of charcoal. I feel like this year in art I've overcome new art challenges I've used new techniques such as the ink drawing of my yak. I've also started clay recently and it's something I hope to improve on it's something I enjoy.
This is the project I wish I could redo simply because it's not satisfying. I think I would practice the water color more so the painting would look different. I would work on the lighter to darker areas and I'd try different styles of water paints.

I think the first artistic behavior I've had the most improvement in is engage and persist because At the beginning of the year I got frustrated and slacked on finishing projects. But I went back and finished them and I plan to keep finishing projects. Instead of putting them off it's nicer to actually see the finished project I just have to keep pushing to finish them. I've stuck with my projects and have no unfinished ones before I would've had many.

The second artistic behavior I would say I improved on is solving problems. I choose this behavior because by watching I've come to learn I can learn and then when I do something I know not to do that. Clay work is an example the more and more I throw on the wheel the more I learn from watching and doing myself.

This took several attempts to get to this point but I learned much to get here. I hope to keep getting better and get bigger bowls.

One thing I would like to accomplish the last semester is master clay throwing and I think I'd like to try a clay sculpture of some type. I want to do something related to construction in a way. I would also like to continue learning more art techniques in many ways.

Me and my clay bowl the first of many!

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