Charles Darwin and his Theory By:isaiah guerra 2nd

What was The Theory of Evolution?

The Theory of Evolution was the thought that all living species would change over time through natural selection. They change over time as the result of changes in physical or behavioral traits that are passed down from generation to generation. The traits are beneficial to the animal by it helping it live in the habitats it lives in. The survival of the fittest is what Charles Darwin called it. On his travels to the Galápagos Islands, with the Finch population he saw that each bird was a finch but observed that each had a different beak. Seeing that the birds have inherited variations in the bill shape that's some birds having wide deep bills and other having thinner bills. During a time where the rainfall was a lot more than normal because of the storm , the large hard seeds that large birds ate were reduced in number however there was an abundance of small soft seeds for the small billed birds to eat. Therefore, in the future years the small birds population grew better than the big billed birds did.


How did the people react?

At the time the majority of the people followed the thought of the church. The belief that God created everything and nothing ever changed. So Charles theory wasn't too in favor of the people in the beginning, they thought he was crazy. The church was in serious doubt of his theory. Something like this was going to be difficult for people to believe. No one would put anything to invest in a thought so out of the ordinary. Although with knowing something like this Charles Darwin could've have been a dangerous man.

How was it presented to the world?

Charles Darwin was on to something he knew it. He didn't care about what the people thought, he knew his theory had to be true. He had so much evidence coming back from his journey just to prove it. But the question was how was he going to show it to the whole world? He had a friend of a long time named John Murray. He was a publisher and was interested in Charles' thoughts. They had continuous months of lettering each other and talking about how they would have the theory put out there. On November 24th 1859, his book "Origin of species" was published. It was to be considered the foundation of Evolutionary biology. It changed how nature and science was looked at for the future.


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