April 2017 Ministry Update of Larry & Whitney Tu

"We need our voices, together."

Margaret Yu, our Epic Movement National Director, shared this to a room of just around two hundred Cru staff serving primarily ethnic minority students at the Ethnic Field Ministries (EFM) National Conference in Dallas, TX. "How we live life together as ethnic minorities is the gospel of reconciliation... it's not just one house, we must visit each other's houses and know and share the costs," she continued.

Group photo at the EFM National Conference in Dallas

We're so grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside many people who not only talk about how the gospel has implications for society but who live it out daily as they minister to students on campuses nationwide! Many of these people have become our friends through this conference and through a cultural competency facilitators training Whitney attended in February! We're learning how to listen and share the pain and joys of how the Lord continues to work through people of color in Cru and in the world.

Cru's Cultural Competency Facilitator's Training co-hort in Phoenix, AZ!

A New Kind of Summer Assignment

Starting this April, I'm (Whitney) coaching four of our Epic Movement interns in their support raising process! I get to be a cheerleader for them as they cast vision and share about their calling to others! As I've started up with them, my appreciation and care for each of you grows! Thank you so much for coming alongside with us!! :)

PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM! (Aren't they the cutest?!) Some of them are still finishing up the semester or are abroad doing missions overseas! (Clockwise from top left) Jorgie, Nathania, Elliott, Elyse

Angel Island

Our team took a trip to Angel Island (sometimes called "The Ellis Island of the West") to better understand San Francisco, and the Bay Area's role in America's immigration history. It was a sobering experience learning how generations of Chinese and Japanese people were treated and seen. Scrawled on some of the walls are poems written in Chinese by those detained there. Though the pain is evident in their poetry, there's beauty and strength in their resilience as they committed to telling stories and making art--thus preserving their identity despite it being forcibly erased.


  • Whitney's team to finish the semester well with one another and with our students!
  • The four Epic interns, Whitney is coaching in support raising!
  • Students going on summer missions this summer: Cedric (to Wildwood, NJ with Epic Movement), Gaby (to Puerto Rico), Cynthia (to South Africa)!
  • Larry to finish school well! (He graduates in May!!!)
  • The many Cru missionaries who serve under-served and often unseen students in the margins of the campus to not lose heart!
  • Us to continue to trust the Lord to provide as Larry applies for jobs and we evaluate where He's leading!


  • We loved getting time with Epic Movement staff at the EFM Conference in Dallas!
  • We love being a part of our church (SF Lighthouse)! We're slowly getting more involved!
  • We've been having conversations and meetings with pastors and organization leaders all over the Bay Area to get their insight on how God is moving locally--they've been great!! We're learning so much!
  • The opportunity to see Angel Island was powerful! Grateful to learn more history!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Us with Epic Movement friends at EFM Staff Conference


Whitney Tu & Allen Stanley

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