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The United States (USA)

The United States is one of the biggest countrys in the world. The USA is in North-America. Total area of the United States is 9,833,517 km² from that is 6.97 % water. There are 50 states one of them is Hawaii and the other one is Alaska they are not in the USA but over the world. Mexico and Canada is located between the USA, before you can go from Mexico tot he USA you need to stay in a line fort the border security. You can maybe stay 4 hours in your car to cross the border, above all the durgsdealers and that of strange people they are a threat for America.

The president

The United States has got a new president called Donald Trump. He is a Republican. He is hates the people from Africa and form Mexico. He is not a good president for everybody. The Obama law he cut it off. Before he became a president he was a busnissman, televison personality and now he is the president. He has got a big building called the Trump tower in the middle of manthattan that is New York. The building was completed in 1983. If you want you can live in the appartment or in a penthouse but it is really exspensive. Donald Trump also got another building in New York called the Plaza hotel also in Manhattan. He buil it for 400 million dollar. He asked his then-wive Ivana to manage the hotel. He is married with Melania Trump. She is born in former Yugoslavia. She is half Slovene and half American. She is a former model and now is she the first lady of America. Melania Trump is 46 years old, she is born on April 26, 1970. She has got one son with Donald Trump her child is called: Barron Trump. He is attending the Columbia Grammar & preparatory school in Manhattan. Barron can speak English and Slovene. He will not going to live in the White house he is going to stay in the Trump tower in Manhattan, until the end of the school year.


American football is the most popular sport in the USA by far away from other sports. The league were they in play is called the NFL. Baseball has been regarded as the national sport at the end of the 19th century. Basketball and ice hockey are second and third biggest sports in the United States. The USA almost win every olympic games basketbal land ice hockey. The NBA is the biggest basketball league of the world, when you play in the NBA as a basketball player you di dit very good. A legend in basketball is Michael Jordan, no it is LeBron James. Now over tot he biggest sport in the world, but in America it is not so big. Now you have one good player in the national team and that is the goalkeeper. His name is Howard he is playing by colorado. There are 3 big teams in the MLS: New york city, New York redbull and LA Galaxy.


The most people go on holiday in the East or the West of America. In west you have california and Nevada. In california you have 2 really big cities: San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Francisco got the golden gate bridge and Alcatrez. Alcatrez was a very important prison for America, 50 to 100 years ago. It is in the middle of the river you only can come there by boat. Los Angeles has got Vespucci beach. There you can go to a attraction park on the beach, also you have got Disney land. You have got there a horror house, roller coasters and a house where you can go from a human to a minion. It is very cool, only in the horror house you have got real people. They are running after you with a axe and a lot of another angry stuff. In the East you have so many big citys. New york is the most popular placet o go for a tourist. You can go to the Empire state building. The Empire state building is 1,454 feet tall. Then you have a great vieuw of new york, or you can go to the Statue of Liberty. On the island were the Statue of Liberty is standing there were slaves around 200 years ago. They needed to stay there for around 2 weeks, before they goes to another country or anywere els.


The united states has got one of the best militars of the world. The gouverment is paying so much money for it. You have the army, navy, Marine corps and air force. You also has got the Special forces of America you can see that in so many movies. The armed forces had 1.4 million personnel on active duty. The USA is the second biggest money spenders for military only Saudi Arabia got more money over for Military than the USA.


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