William Shakespeare By Mark Ewart

Born and died on April 23 1564. Born in England. When he was a child he loved watching people paint .
Joined lord chamberlains company ofmactors . Shakespeare wrote over 30 plays in his time .
Only 18 of Shakespeare's plays were published.Married Anne Hathaway. Retired in 1612 from the stage .
Wrote plays that would capture human emotion and conflict . Had 2 older sisters and 3 older brothers . Play maker and actor .
Went to King Edwards VI Grammer school . 154 sonnets created . Became a public figure in London . One of the best storytellers ever in his time .
Showed his acting skills in the globe theatre . Wrote poetry after the glove theatre closed . Wrote the famous Romeo and Juliet , Midsummer night dream , Hamlet , Macbeth .
Wrote 2 narratives and studied in high schools all over the world . Died April 23 1616 .

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