Ell Social Studies by martha gray

Moving West

The New Technology Speeds Travel

the first new technology was create In the 1800 that was the covered wagon. They create the cover wagon because people always travel across the country to settle.


The new Steamboats made to travel across the river In 1807. Before the steamboats become a technology it was so hard for the people to travel across the water with their thing.

Would New State Be Slaves Or Free

In 1819 there were 11 free states and 11 slave states. In my own words no one shouldn't be treat like this in state or a country.

Bill Of Right

Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech is found in the Bill of right. Freedom of speech is something that allow you to share idea/main or opinions. That's why they create the freedom of speech in 1791.

The Right To Privacy

This would be life without the right to privacy. You will never know who is watching you. That's why it become one of the bill of right 10 amendment in 1789

Freedom Of The Press

The freedom of speech talk about how people can share their idea or opinion. So the freedom of press have the right to publish their ideas. In 1791

The Thirteen Colonies

New England Colonies

The First Thanksgiving

There first thanksgiving was in 1621 many people died. It was winner time and their was any food to eat. On till one day the Indians help them to find food and they showing them how to grow corn.

Religious Freedom

In 1649 they create this because they know that a lot of people worship their Religious Freedom..

European Exploration

Christoper Columbus

In 1492 columbus was the one who sail 3 ship so that he can get to the new world. All he got is a compass and the star to get to the new world.

Spain In The New World

In 1565 spain wanted to speak christianity to the people because they believing in religious people.

Age Of Jackson

The Trail Of Tear

In 1838 they have to leave their home, and land. A few people died on the way. They was moving west.

The Indian Removal Act

They was signed into a law by the president Andrew Jackson. In 1830
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