#HowICare Launching Thursday, June 18, before Father’s Day 2020

How to Participate in #HowICare: June 18, 2020

For one week, launching Thursday, June 18 through Wednesday, June 24, we are asking individuals, organizations, and employers to join us on Twitter using #HowICare to share stories, statistics, and policy asks, showing each other how you care for your children – as well as your family, your community, and yourself – and advocating for support for all parents and caregivers.

  • When: Launching Thursday, June 18, 2020, one week of action on Twitter using #HowICare and @MenCareGlobal
  • Tag: @Promundo_US, @Oxfam, @OxfamAmerica
  • Suggested Hashtags: #paidleave #childcare #COVID19 #caregiving #carework #mencarecommitment #paternityleave

#HowICare Global Social Media Toolkit

How to Share Stories

Share your reflections about how your care responsibilities – particularly when it comes to caring for children – have shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what support you need to be the best parent or caregiver you can be.

Sample Tweets:

  1. School looks different these days. This is #HowICare #stayhome #homeschooling @MenCareGlobal
  2. We are staying sane by taking socially distant walks. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal
  3. Doing my best to take care of my newborn, and asking you all to #StayHome too, if you can. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal
  4. We have more dishes to do now than ever before, but doing my part to make sure they’re taken care of for my family. #HowICare #StayHome @MenCareGlobal
  5. I signed a petition to guarantee 100% paid sick leave. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal

How to Share Global Statistics

Share new, #HowICare polling data from the US, UK, Canada, Philippines, and Kenya (forthcoming), or other national or international statistics that highlight the realities, difficulties, and disparities parents and caregivers of children are facing during COVID-19.

Sample tweets:

  1. Women take on 12.5 billion hours of unpaid care work – including parenting responsibilities – every single day. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal
  2. Women in rural communities and low-income countries spend up to 14 hours per day on unpaid care work – including parenting responsibilities – which is 5x more than men do in those communities. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal
  3. In no country in the world do men take on as much of the unpaid care work, including parenting responsibilities, as women do. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal
  4. The monetary value of unpaid care work globally before the COVID-19 pandemic, for women aged 15+ is at least $10.8 trillion annually. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal

How to Share Global Advocacy Asks

Call for the supportive policies all parents and caregivers need, specifically those who are most impacted by COVID-19 such as: paid time off, flexible scheduling, and childcare provisions; and call for the goal of men carrying out half of the world’s care work.

Sample Tweets:

  1. We must pass policies to support parents and caregivers, including fully paid & non-transferable #parentalleave. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal
  2. We need need men to do their equal share of all caregiving and workplaces to support them #HowICare @MenCareGlobal
  3. It’s time for governments to invest in care and motivate men to do their equitable share of unpaid care. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal
  4. In light of #COVID19, workers are left without guaranteed #paidleave for #childcare. We need governments to support affordable childcare for all. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal
  5. #Caregiving is core to public health. Governments must invest in care by putting in place policies around fully paid #parentalleave and state-supported #childcare. #HowICare @MenCare
  6. We need policies that allow family members to take the necessary leave and adapt their working arrangements to meet their #caregiving needs. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal

Share New Data from the US

The Caring Under COVID-19: How the Pandemic Is – and Is Not – Changing Unpaid Care and Domestic Work Responsibilities in the United States report shares new data that highlight the realities, difficulties, and disparities parents and caregivers of children are facing.

Sample Tweets:

  • New @Promundo_US and @Oxfam US report reveals that 3 in 5 respondents report their daily house and care work has increased as a result of #COVID19. #HowICare @MenCareGlobal bit.ly/HowICare-US
  • During #COVID19, everyone is feeling increased stress and anxiety, especially women. Read the #HowICare US report bit.ly/HowICare-US @MenCareGlobal
  • Men think they’re sharing the work at home, but women don’t agree, reveals new @Promundo_US and @Oxfam US report on caregiving during #COVID19. Read the #HowICare US report bit.ly/HowICare-US @MenCareGlobal
  • During #COVID19, adults are giving up sleep and self-care. Read the #HowICare US report for six new insights on the unfolding crisis of care bit.ly/HowICare-US @MenCareGlobal