Mrs. Huynh's First Grade Newsletter May 19, 2017

Contact Information #816-321-4870

Bell Prairie Elementary 3000 NE 108th Street KCMO 64156

Notes From Mrs. Huynh

What a fantastic time we had at Field Day. We ran hard, we played hard, we cheered together!!!!

Dates To Remember

Monday, May 22: May Homework packet due

Thursday, May 25: Last Day of School-1/2 day 12:30 Dismissal Grade cards go home

Our Learning

Reader's Workshop: This week we did an author study. We read various books by Laura Numerous (If you give a... ) and Johnathon London (Froggy books) and completed various activities with our readings.

Writer's Workshop: This week we learned about different types of poems and wrote some of our own.

Math Workshop: This week we reviewed various math skills that we have learned throughout the year. We played some addition and subtraction fluency games to keep our addition & subtraction skills sharp. Please practice these skills at home.

Science: This week we learned about weather tools that meteorologists use to help them predict the weather. The weather tools we learned are: Thermometer-measures the air to see how hot or cold it is, Wind Vane-measures what direction the wind is blowing, Anemometer-measures how fast the wind is blowing, and Rain Gauge-measures how much rain has fallen

We made anemometers to measure wind speed!

Stem Project: FAirytale Frenzy

This week we completed our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) project. The students were given a task to create a solution to a Fairytale Frenzy problem. Click on the link to see our STEM project.

"Alone we are smart, Together we are brilliant"


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