Chevron Group 4: JOrdan martin, audrey mackenzie, david baseme, anders bengtson, laura mcmillan and zach vanbibber

New Mission Statement: Chevron will lead the multinational energy industry by providing affordable products and services to our customers with the highest level of efficiency. We will utilize the latest technology, to assure the safety of our employees and surrounding communities, while striving to operate at the highest of ethical standards.


  1. Upstream: Exploration with Liquid Natural Gas
  2. Downstream: Acquisition of a pipeline company

Upstream Operations

  • Global Geographic Presence
  • Presence across the energy value chain
  • Gas and Oil Extraction 16% growth

1. Focused investment in upstream operations through Liquid Natural Gas

  • LNG processing-19.8%
  • LNG natural gas distribution- 7.8%
  • North West Shelf Project- $2.75 billion
  • Access to Japan, S. Korea and China- Top 3 importers of LNG

Downstream Operations

  • History of mergers and acquisitions
  • Long term demand of petroleum products expected to increase
  • Refined petroleum pipeline transportation- 2.5%
  • Specialized storage and warehousing- 2.6%
  • Increase control through new pipeline projects- 4,100 miles for Chevron, 8,000 miles for Exxon
  • Chevron 931 thousand barrels, Exxon 405 thousand domestic barrels per day

2. Acquire Buckeye Partners

  • Add value and expand our current portfolio
  • Aggressive strategy: Market development
  • 6,000 miles of pipeline, 115 million barrels a day


  • Acquired Buckeye Partners for $7.75 Billion
  • Broadened Exploration by $2.75 Billion
  • Increased Net Income
  • NPV of $5.55 Billion
  • IRR of 17%


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