Welcome to the Jungle Leading is tough, no matter who you are... :-)

  • How can I possibly get everything done?
  • Why does it seem so hard to make change happen and how can I change that?
  • What actions would generate progress for the organizational struggle that keeps me awake at night?
  • What work do I continue to avoid because quick fixes don't seem to help?
  • How do I create and sustain collective purpose for my team's aspirations?
  • How does the work really work and what's the best way to innovate?

Imagine gaining insight to tackle even one of these questions…

LEADERSHIP IN ACTION develops yours and your organization adaptive capacity to meet the future and thrive

We designed LEADERSHIP IN ACTION to help you:

  • Raise hard-to-talk-about issues so that others will address them with you
  • Understand reality and identify the "pressures on the system"
  • Act courageously in risky situations
  • Connect with people in a way that inspires their commitment
  • Stay grounded in the face of success, failure, or uncertainty
  • Respond productively to opposition without losing your focus
  • Communicate skillfully in the presence of strong emotions
"This isn’t about learning new theories. It’s about taking new actions."

Simulations? Slide Shows? Lectures? No way! This is about real progress on real issues that will help you grow as a person so that you can move your organization forward. It’s about breaking longstanding, ineffective habits and transforming your capability to act powerfully and courageously in your life, in your work, and in the world.

Rather than becoming someone else, we help you become more authentically who you are! Experience your own leadership abilities, reflect on their effectiveness and deploy them in the service of your purpose.


...face head on, your own real and current leadership challenges ...close the gap between what books tell you to do and the reality of your situation ...inspire commitment and create deeper collaboration ...manage through difficult politics... take bolder risks and step out of your comfort zone, as the situation demands ...show up as yourself in support of others who are wrestling with their own leadership challenges


...to step into the unknown, take risks ...to dance on the edge of your comfort zone ...to wrestle with some of your greatest challenges for a new understanding of how to move forward ... ...to uncover blind spots and learn novel things about yourself ...a faculty of caring professionals who ensure the right mix of challenge and support ...new ideas, writings, meditations, and more ...large and small group interactions with personalized coaching

Leadership in Action uses the tough and immediate problems of your organization as a “practice field” for what is learned in class (through its action learning pedagogy) to improve your short term performance.

When the practice field is like the playing field, your investment has a greater chance of giving you winning results.





Participants have said

"Energetic and engaging.”
“Joy of learning! The excitement, your enthusiasm is contagious.”
“Adriano’s passion, creativity, competence and caring really make a difference in the class.”
“An amazing job in involving us in the learning process. Hands on.” “I have already brought back things from the class that help me in my day-to-day activity It's been enlightening!”
"Adriano helped me to see and practice the power of the question. His passion, teachings, and my desire to learn have made me a better leader. Thanks for your help."
"Adriano is a master at cutting through jargon and theory and helping teams get to the heart of the matter. He focuses on outcomes, honesty, and accountability, and helped move my team from good to great.“
“I have learned so much. It was different, intense but so valuable!”
“I really enjoyed the workshops when I took them, but I also noticed that they had a “time release” quality in my life. It’s been a gradual process, but I have actually caught myself seeing things very differently.”
“Continue to teach the way you have been teaching! Many leaders need to be exposed to this!”
“It was a pleasure to have your own style of training in our very orderly organization, a breath of fresh air. P.S. We might need to practice our Karaoke…LOL.”
“I really enjoy your class.”
“Thank you so much for a FANTASTIC class. It’s still a major point of discussion.”
“Thanks and I appreciate that you pushed me to be better about my truth and conflict.”
“Very thought-provoking and quite useful. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on questions rather than answers.”
“I made real friendships throughout the year and feel much more empowered to take on my next career challenge.”
“I liked the open atmosphere and the conversations within the team: those were the strengths of this course.”
“I loved that there was no PowerPoint and that the instructors’ methods were very interactive: superb instruction.”
“Everything about this course contributes to your development as a full-fledged leader!”
“Your trust, passion and enthusiasm in adult development are refreshing.”
“The class fostered transparency in all of us, loved how the instructors managed to engage us to show up differently in so many different ways.”


If I can help, let's talk... 202-262-3371 adriano@pianesi.com
Professional Detachment (2012) John Clark

Curious about how we teach "Leadership in Action"? Check the video below.

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Adriano Pianesi


Adriano Pianesi www.leadersh1p.com

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