Teaching English At mfl academy

  • Be responsible with all your duties.
  • Be punctual
  • Develop your lesson in a dynamic way which involve oral interaction among all the students.
  • Check that students accomplish their online duties, motivate and push them to work if needed. (Don't be careless about the Gradebook)
  • Encourage the use of English, use the Useful Phrases for the Classroom. English is our Lingua Franca Keep it in mind.
  • Teach culture to your students. And, very important motivate your students to behave as citizens with a high standard of good manners.
  • Teach Netiquettes.
  • Be an active researcher and tester for better ways to teach. Share knowledge.
  • Communicate effectively with your coordinator and your students.
  • Be a model for your students, be the best representation of the Academy.
  • Keep record of your activities.
  • Avoid speaking about your personal life, politics, religion or any other inconvenient topic.
  • Avoid the cellphone to keep in touch with the outside world while you work.


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