#PelicanYoga's First Class at Coco Cay in the Bahamas STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

6 Dec. 2016. The Pelican Beakon, the pelican newspaper, sent their ace reporter and photographer to Coco Cay in the Bahamas to cover the first #PelicanYoga class for the Bahamian pelicans. The event was sponsored by Royal Caribbean and they sent our photographer there on a courtesy 3-day cruise onboard Empress of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean offered a cruise package for the first #PelcanYoga in the Bahamas. The initial response was so overwhelming that Royal Caribbean had to add a second cruise ship to handle the demand for this the inagural event!

Tickets were being sold to raise funds for the Bird Unity Yoga Movement, a Pelican Beakon non-profit.
The Enchantment of the Seas is much bigger than the Empress of the Seas.
Empress of the Seas
Both the Enchantment of the Seas and Empress of the Seas anchored off shore and passengers boarded tenders.
Passengers were eager to board the tender to witness the very first #PelicanYoga class in the Bahamas!
From ship to Coco Cay, the boat ride in the tender was short.
The water was clear and wonderful. The perfect backdrop for #PelicanYoga.
The two cruise ships formed a "T".
Every seat was filled.
The entrance to the tender 's marina was bordered by volcanic rocks.
Private suites were sold out for #PelicanYoga.
One side was for tenders from Enchantment of the Seas.
Great logo design for Coco Cay.
"Island Survival Kit" or as our photographer calls it, Slushie Time!
The Pelican Beakon photographer demonstrated how to keep your drink cool.
Coco Cay has helpful signage.
The beach is getting packed for #PelicanYoga.
Coco Cay is handicap accessible.
There is a rescue station in case humans need help.
The cool water in the Bahamas is the perfect spot for #PelicanYoga.
The male instructor just buzzed the two cruise ships. Should not be long before the first #PelicanYoga class starts.
Humans are floating into position to watch #PelicanYoga.
Humans on tubes are testing their GoPros.
Paddleboarders are paddling to their reserved spot.
One of these humans turned their raft to watch the overhead #PelicanYoga demonstration.
Lifeguard is ready to announce the start of the very first #PelicanYoga class in the Bahamas!
Kayakers are ready to live text and stream video.

Announcer said, Here comes the instructor demonstrating a "Wings out glide".

Next maneuver is the "Bank on one wing" while the other instructor watches.
The instructor is dazzling the crowd with the "Extend feet with raised wings".
The soft landing on the pylon with the wings out is from the advanced class.
The other instructor is demonstrating the "Stretched throat" while the other instructor shows the "Drying Wings" position.
Now, the instructor is demonstrating yoga in-flight positions before heading out to fish for dinner.
After experiencing the first #PelicanYoga in the Bahamas, the passengers head back to the tenders to que.
#PelicanYoga at Coco Cay will be the talk of the cruise world!
One by one the tenders approach the cruise ship.
Tenders heading to Empress of the Seas and Enchantment of the Seas
The Pelican Beakon's photographer is always on the last tender.
Clouds are hovering over the horizon.
One the gangplank is in place, passengers will walk into the ship.
The tender has bumpers but one lady doesn't want to watch!
The Pelican Beakon photographer sneaks in a sunset before dinner.
The Pelican Beakon covers their photographer's dinner at the Chops Grille, one of Royal Caribbean's specialty restaurants.

The next morning, arrive Miami. This was a quick 3-cay cruise. Now to file the story!

Enjoy more stories and images of what I get to enjoy everyday!

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