A Journey of Faith The big things start with a small dream and a great faith

The year of 2016 began softly without any noticeable change. Soon it brought with itself challenges that I thought I was not ready for. In the next 4 months God took me through a miraculous supernatural healing from a non-curable disease. I was struggling with its symptoms for about two years. It was a great test of my faith. But when we are weak, God is strong. So at this period of my life God reminded to me that His ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts are higher too.

I learned to open my heart to God and to dream bigger. I was dreaming about the sea, and God sent me there. I needed a new job and He provided it. I wanted to learn languages and God gave me this opportunity through a job in France. I had challenges, but I also had great miracles. I was learning to build closer relationships with the One who gives me peace and strength. And it was admirable, as God surrounded me with awesome people from a local church (Victoire Centre Chrétien) and great opportunities for growth. This time in France changed something inside of my heart. The people would tell me that it was luck, but I knew it was God :)

The Water Baptism with Victoire Centre Chrétien

I returned back to Ukraine in August and thought about the lessons I learned out of that season. I have seen how God directed my steps and turned bad situations into good ones. I have seen the work of the enemy against me and the work of the people. I have seen chaos and troubles that tried to destroy the tenderness of my heart towards God. I have seen what I didn't want. I experienced the misery of religion and the power of God's truth for me. But I praise God that through difficult times He brought me to a transformation.

For a very long while I had a huge desire of my heart to go for studies. But it was a desire for something more than just a studying program in a university. I wanted to somehow combine my passion for entrepreneurship and business and my heart for helping people. I was praying and searching ways how this could be possible.

In August I heard that God told me: "This winter gonna be a calm season of preparation for you". And I thought: "Is it about studying?" At this time I had a valid work contract exactly for the winter months. But I decided to pray and ask God for directions.

Most of us consider waiting to be wasting. But it is not so with our God. He works while we wait. In the end of October the employer contacted me and my work contract was cancelled. That was amazing confirmation for me. God is always faithfull to what He says.

This journey of faith that started in France finally brought me to the 5-months programme - Marketplace Discipleship Training School directed by the University of Nations in Kona, Hawaii.

To start an application for a programme was my big step of faith. I knew that to get the visa is not that easy in my case. I didn't have enough money on my bank account or any documents that will prove that I am not going to stay in USA. However, I had a great supernatural peace and I clearly saw God's confirmations through dreams, Bible verses, prayers and visions. I knew that if I am in God's will, nothing will stop me. He is the Lord who opens a door, and no one can close it. And when He closes a door, no one can open it (Revelations 3:7). I went to the embassy with God's promise and got the visa! Praise Him!

I believe that everyone of us has dreams. My dreams are about bigger things and investment in other people lives through business and entrepreneurship. That is why I am going to do the Marketplace Discipleship Training School. I want to learn more about God's principals in business as a mission.

If you feel that you would like to somehow be a part of what God placed into my heart, I would ask you about three things.

1. Please support me with your prayers. I need strength and wisdom as the devil doesn’t like when we are on God’s track. Prayers are always appreciated.

2. You can support me financially and donate for the cost of the programme. For me as Ukrainian this is a significant amount of money (the 5-months programme will cost me around $ 8 000). Currently I am still looking for $ 2 000 for the cost of a lecture phase and about $ 1 000 for the flight tickets.

3. You can become an advocate for me. If you know someone who can participate financially in my case, please share this link and tell about me.

I remember God's faithfulness and I know that He will use people to support His dreams.

Press a button MAKE A PAYMENT -> log in as a guest -> follow the instructions

Or you can also donate to my credit card with SWIFT payment:

Beneficiary: SHEVCHUK SASHOLIIA, index 03067, Ukraine, city Kyiv, street Harmatna, building 32, flat 45

Account: 4149499645767011


Intermediary Bank: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK


Correspondent Account: 0011000080

IBAN: UA923052990004149499645767011

Email me for more information: sasholiya@gmail.com

Thank you & God bless you
Sasholiia Shevchuk
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Sasholiia Shevchuk

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