Empowering science students’ communication skills with economic impact Dr Bita Zaferanloo

Improve students’ communication skills as an entrepreneur via digital literacy to be ready for their future career

  • To create real change, we need more than just brilliant scientific minds
  • We need leaders, deep thinkers, adventurers, inspires, innovators, entrepreneurs, game-changers and science communicator

Image: Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, planetary scientist, author, and science communicator.

Problem statement

In general science students have had little or no experience in science communication or business creation

  • Introducing IAG (Insurance Australia Group) as our industry partner in "Communication for Scientists" unit
  • Embedding innovative assessment: 2 minute video pitching the innovative STEM solution aligned with IAG vision - "We make your world a safer place"
  • Setting a new lecture "Pitch it clever"
  • Designing a list of authentic tutorial activities
  • Organising the "Story-telling with Adobe Rush" workshop
  • Showcasing the best practices of startup pitch video in class
Industry engagement (IAG)
IAG vision
Canvas business model
  • 143 science students in class were trained to create 2 minute startup video based on canvas business model using Adobe Rush
  • Above 90% of students have submitted the assessment that required new digital literacies and communication skills
  • Positive feedback from IAG for the creative STEM solutions
  • ​Format of short-form video of the innovative STEM solution allows science students to develop a new vital voice for their future success​
Play, risk and failure are central to generate new thinking in our students, including:
  • Complex problem solving​
  • Creative mind-set​
  • Critical thinking​
  • Adaptability​
  • Innovation
GLASS is a proposed web plugin created to support one aspect of IAG vision: customer trust.
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Bita Zaferanloo


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