A loyal companion A poem by Alice Naughton

While we go about our busy lives,

A young man survives,

Survives off fast food and dirty water.

While people are deep in debt,

They cast family aside,

On the streets they are left,

To fend for themselves.

The old man sits,

With sad eyes,

Waiting for a tip.

Running scared,

Living off scraps,

Hiding in cardbored boxes.

Sleeping on the streets,

Feeling sad,

Looking for a home,

A place to feel safe,

No more loved ones,

No more shelter,

No more food.

Walking through the streets,

On a cold winters night,

Looking for shelter.

I was walking,

Trying to find a new place to sleep.

I can see a shadow,

It is moving towards me,

It is crying, I don't think it has seen me,

It collapsed.

Exhausted, hungry, sad,

Walking, walking, walking,

Walking, step after step, more and more energy lost,



I wake up in someone's arms,

I feel warm and safe.

She woke up...

We are now loyal companions,

We are a man and his dog.

Created By
Alice Naughton


Created with images by Devin Lieberman - "Homelessness" And photos from Pinterest

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