Science Final By: Kaylee

My Definition of what Science is- Science is a thought process using logic and reason. The difference between facts and theories is part of what science figures out. You find an idea, form a hypothesis, and test it to see if it is true. To prove that things are true it is a process of asking questions, observing, and testing. Without science there wouldn't be any discoveries and inventions, and it is a huge part of our everyday life. Some things that science can study is the solar system and the human body. It can be studied because you can prove if your scientific theories are right or not. Some thing that science can't study is personal opinions because it varies from person to person, there isn't a right answer.

What are the basic needs of life? Food, Water, Air, reproduction and shelter are some basic needs. Your body needs food and water for minerals and nutrients, air to breath, shelter to live in, and every species needs reproduction to keep living.

How do animals behave to meet their basic needs? 1. Animals such as lions and tigers have instincts to help them hunt. 2. In the winter, cats grow a heavy layer of fur to keep them warm. 3. Birds migrate to warmer areas. 4. Animals like the Chameleon change color to hide from predators.

What I consider to be a scientific model- I consider a scientific model to be something that is an accurate representation of a thing, idea, or process in science. The first reason why we would use a model vs. the real thing is that the real thing isn't always accessible. Inventors also use models before they make the prototype.

What is a System? A system is a group of things that work together. This idea of a system is related to the human body because the human body is a huge system. The organs, bones, nerves and muscles all work together so you can function each and every day.

This is my example of a system. It is a good representation of a system because the earth rotates around the sun to create seasons, night and day etc.


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