Inception Review By Eliza Noell

Inception debuted in theaters in 2010. It is directed by Christopher Nolan, starring the talents of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, and more. It is rated PG-13 for elements of action and violence. The movie was a massive success in the box office, scoring 829.9 million compared to the film’s budget of 160 million, earning it the title of one of the top grossing movies of all time.

The movie follows Dominik ‘Dom’ Cobb, an ‘extractor’ whose job is to extract ideas out of subjects’ minds through dreams. This practice has cost Dom his ability to see his children, as his work has kept him on the run. Dom is offered a chance to go back home, when he is approached with a task to perform ‘inception,’ or the concept of planting an idea inside a person’s mind through dreams. Dom must assemble his team and face the high stakes of the mission, and ultimately confront his past.

Inception is a complicated movie, with several concepts to keep track of, which can be difficult during the fast-paced action sequences. However, despite its complexity, the film manages to explain and produce the unique and interesting idea of dream extraction, while following the rules of the world it has built. The fast-paced plot keeps the audience informed with new information, while also entertained with colorful action sequences. The story doesn’t veer off into any side plots that would clutter it, but focuses on building a multifaceted, intriguing story filled with enough action and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. Inception is full of eye-catching moments and thoughtful themes to make re-watching the movie much more fun, as there’s a new concept to be focused on each time.

Despite the film being made in 2010, the movie feels incredibly ahead of its time with the realistic CGI. It was an early time for special effects, and Inception manages to create mind-boggling landscapes and stunning visual effects that capture the audience’s eyes. The movie also doesn’t include modern technology, other than the fictitious dream machine, so it doesn’t feel dated. The cinematography takes the film’s bizarre and complicated nature and captures unique and mesmerizing shots, such as a continuous shot with a spinning floor to simulate lack of gravity.

As for the characters, Dom Cobb is well-developed, with a clear desire to see his children again while battling the demons of his past. Each member of the team is three-dimensional and believable, never letting the environment feel boring, with well-placed comedy bits and humor. Leonardo DiCaprio does a fantastic job in his role of Dom Cobb. The supporting cast really exceeds expectations.

Inception provides a layered complex, yet fascinating story with multiple themes and enough variety to keep the audience hooked. I personally would rate this film a 95% based on the concepts I found exciting and memorable. Topped with unique action sequences and stunning cinematography, the movie is able to immerse you into this new dream landscape.