Iris' 3D printed boat challenge

The definition of Buoyancy is the amount of water displaced and stability is to be stable/balanced. I tired to make my boat stable by making the sides even. The measurements have to be the exact same at both sides. I put holes inside the shape to make the boat lighter so it would not sink. I also had to make my boat's weight less then the water displaced otherwise it would sink.

I decided to make my boat like this because I thought that the rectangle and the 2 triangles at both sides would be perfect to put holes in. I wanted to make boat a very simple design. While making my design I realized that stability had a lot to do with the boat project. If it was not stable and balanced, how would it carry coins and not sink with waves. It also had a lot to do with buoyancy because if the weight of the boat was heavier then the water displaced if would sink.

Below there is a table demonstrating my buoyancy calculations

In conclusion I thought my boat's performance went good, not great but good. My boat floated with 3 coins but it didn't with waves. My boat floated because the weight was less then the water displaced. I think that my boat was successful in meeting the design requirements. Some people's boats were more stable and could float with more coins, because there boat's design did not have a lots of room for error, like the measurements being even. I thought that I made the sides even and made the holes even in Tinkercad but when it was printed it was actually not. The fin of the boat was also not in the middle. If I were to reprint my boat I would have to make sure that everything was exactly even, the fin of the boat and the holes in the triangles in both sides. Maybe even doing a whole new design more simple.

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