The Summer Will Come The Writing journey of my dream

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to look at my writing project and I hope that you'll choose to be a part of my creative journey; my hopes, wishes and dreams.

I'm a practical kind of girl and have had many different experiences both within my personal and professional life. All have been enriching, opened my eyes to new things about myself, people and the world. But the seed which has influenced the story I am writing here came from somewhere much closer to home. My mum recovered from an illness which lasted over three years and my career in teaching, which I was once so passionate about, began to conflict with my work ethic and my personal beliefs about what a good education should look like. I began to question my life's purpose. What legacy would I leave behind once I was gone? How would people remember me? And even what is this life all about?

My Greek Cypriot roots and my sense of wonder and inquisitiveness of what came before filled my heart and my mind. What was life like before I was born, what experiences made my parents the people they are and ultimately have shaped me and the person I am today?

The story

This is the temporary cover for the book which I put together for an Instagram post a few weeks ago although I have some very specific ideas about how I want the front cover to look. I want it to stand out, to be a piece of creative art in itself...something worthy of the words, it has to share, inside.

The story evolves around two families, both Greek Cypriot living in different villages in Cyprus, one a small mountain village and another a coastal village in the south of the island. It is 1953; the year of Queen Elizabeth's coronation and the start of what becomes a momentous period in the island's history; a time of turmoil, political conflict and slaughter of innocent people in the name of ENOSIS and freedom from the British.

The story takes the reader through their trials and the final push which forces them to leave their life, the only life they have ever known, to move to London, England. This is a historical fiction novel which takes you through some of the key historical moments of those years. It is a book of hope, new dreams, hardship, determination and overcoming adversity at a time when England, too was going through lots of changes.

The novel is written as a multi point of view story - a mother and daughter from one family and a father and son from the other family. This helps to explore how events and situations are perceived by each person in the book and allows the reader to get a more rounded experience of all that happens.

My writing journey from the inception of the initial idea to the story and the way it has unfolded has been supported through hours of research, both secondary and primary. I have ploughed through many books, internet sites, photographs, and images. I have been privileged enough to have spoken to some incredible people face to face about their memories, thoughts and the impact that leaving their home country had on them, negative in some instances but in the most, positive. The thing which I will always remember is the determination, resilience, love and passion for traditions and culture that kept them going through all adversity and hardship.

If you can help me publish this book you will be bringing something very special to the book shelves of anyone interested in Greek Cypriot culture, life, culture, 1950s Cypriot and British history as well as anyone who likes strong characters, a well-paced plot with realistic yet amazing storytelling. You will be making my dream come true and a promise I made to may Great Aunt, Alexandra to give her a signed copy of this book.

It is a quiet excitement that I know has brought you this far on my journey and I hope you will support me, in any small way that you can. I bid you well, God bless and may you too find that your hopes, wishes and dreams come true.

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