Good Life FLMNH by alex-abraham pothen

Nature on Display: The butterfly exhibit was interesting because of all the butterflies and it showed off he beauty in nature. This idea can be related to Walden because he was highly in favor of being with nature. I like the design of the exhibit because it was outdoors and gave the exhibit a more natural feel because it was like i was in a different environment and got a better idea of how butterflies live. Additionally I was able to get first hand accounts on this experience rather than watching it through a computer screen so it was an enriching experience and made it so enjoyable. The nature displayed sparked curiosity in me about the butterflies and I wanted to learn more about them.
Nature and Ethics: The museum allowed for viewers to experience nature by having live exhibits such as the butterfly exhibits which allows one to be with nature without having to go into a dangerous environment. We are meant to be a biotic community so we are supposed to be good stewards of the land rather than depleting the Earth of its resources. Other visitors experienced nature in the museum by observing all the butterflies and the other parts of the exhibit and embracing the whole ambiance of the museum. Additionally, they seemed to also read the information posted around the exhibit to get a better understanding of an ecosystem or species of animal.The exhibit reminded me to make sure I respect nature and uphold ethical responsibilities that Leopold has for humans. Also, the exhibit made me felt more in touch with nature.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum of natural history allows us to step out of our normal lives by bringing us closer to nature and allows us to view things that we do not typically see on a daily basis. For example, I do not see butterflies often but the butterflies in the exhibit reminded me about the beauty of nature and life of living creatures. The museum allowed me to understand the mystery and majesty of nature mainly through the butterflies and how they acted. Their actions and flight could be random or methodically planned but is uncertain. There is so much we do not know about the world around us but the more information we know the more we can understand larger existential questions about life and embrace the human spirit as a community.

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