Machu Picchu A look into daily incan life

Machu Picchu is an ancient city of the Incan civilization located in Cuzco, Peru. Many sites for the religious, political and social functions of the Inca are found in this city. In this exhibition you will see the beauty of the temples, the wonder of the infrastructure, and more of the urban life of the Inca

La Ciudad: el corazón de la vida incaica

The Sacred Square was an urban center designed to contain crowds of people. Whether it be a political rally, a religious occasion in one of its temples, or a party for the whole city, the Sacred Plaza was the crux of urban life in Machu Picchu.

The Main Temple housed the most important rituals and practices. It was also the residence of the Inca priest.

The Temple of the Sun was inspired by the fact that it is the highest point of the city and also the closest point to the sky. Here the Inca also studied astronomy.

The Temple of the Moon was a complex of caves with sculpted stones that housed the mummies of religious value.

Temple of the Three Windows

The three windows mark the exact location of the sunrise.

Infrastructure of the city

The infrastructure of Machu Picchu shows the Inca’s advances in engineering and construction. Among other structures there are fountains, moats and a quarry that provided the stones used for the construction of buildings. The terraces that are found both inside and outside the city functioned to prevent landslides.

The Terraces

These terraces were mainly an irrigation system. They took water out of the city.

The Fountains

The fountains provided the inhabitants with pure and clean water. The fountains filled the canals with water for everyone.

The Quarry

One of the quarries where they got the stone for the construction of Machu Picchu.

The Moat

This moat did not serve as part of the irrigation system, but to protect the inhabitants of the city during war.

Urban aspects of the city

The Main Gate

Also called the gate of the sun, this door was dedicated to the sun god and was the main entrance of Machu Picchu.

The Guard House

The guard house contained the soldiers who guarded the two main gates of the city.

The Royal Tomb

The royal tomb contains more than the body of the deceased king. There are also impressive engravings and wonderful structures above.

The Intihuatana

The Intihuana was a marvel of ancient technology. Its main use was the determination of the time using the sun. Their four corners helped in determining the time because they pointed towards cardinal directions; for the Incas, it was a type of watch.


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