aja bryggeri label design Label design for the grocery store and the monopoly

Designs for the grocery store

A mixture of the old and the new. The earliest design was inspired by art deco with its abstract pattern The new ones are more literal with a display of ingredients and a floral association on some.
A salute to all women out there on the bottle to the left. "Ruovdi" means "tough". On the left you see the floral has left to make room for a focus on the lemon peel inside the bottle.

a brewer with passion for her work

labels for the monopoly

Labels with unique identities

A label design inspired by the northern light, one magical label associated with shamans, and one label is outside of a beer made with wine yeast. Grapes are a little more pretty to look at than yeast in its pure form.





Tora Eidsvaag

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