Italy Alphabet project By Aiden, Cameron, and Truman

A. Appearance.

So, starting off this project we have appearance. Like most countries, Italians don't have a specific dress code. While there isn't really a dress code, there are rules to dressing out in public. Italians like to dress accordingly, this means that you wouldn't wear shorts or leggings in church. Places like Rome and Milan are some of the "Fashion capitals" of the world. A lot of Italian designer labels are known worldwide, because of this, a lot of brand name/designer brands are common.

One of the designer brands, Gucci.

B. Belief system

In Italy, the main religion is Roman Catholic. The catholic church has a huge influence over the country. The pope, who is probably the most well known religious figure, lives in the Vatican city. There are different religions like Islam, Judiasm and Buddhist because Europe is such a multi-cultural/ multi-racial place. A important time in Italy was the Renaissance(Which means "To be reborn.") a lot of brand new ideas were introduced during this time and in the mind of a lot of people, this was when beautiful artwork and science were at their peaks.

C. Communications

The main language spoken in Italy is obviously Italian. Other languages are spoken in Italy. French and English are two of the common other languages that are spoken in Italy because France is a bordering country and English is just a essential language to learn because it is spoken in so many different countries.

D. Dates

Different cities sometimes have different holidays. Florence, Turin and Genoa celebrate the Feast of St. John. Italians celebrate the Catholic holidays and the Equinox'/Solstice's.

E. Entertainment

The biggest sport in Italy is definitely soccer. The Italian team Juventus has had some of the most success over its history. Over the summer, Paul Pogba was transferred from Juventus for 130,000,000 Euros. Italy also has a "basketball league" that is in a way, like the NBA.

Paul pogba: far right.

F. Food

A lot of foods in Italy consist of pizza, different types of pasta, soups, and fish. Italian foods have a lot different spices and herbs incorporated into their food. There is a large difference in what Americans view as Italian food and actual Italian food. Americans took many foods from all over the world and sort-of "Americanized" them, in most cases the "Americanized" food is never as good as the original.

G. Government

As is the same with America, Italy also has a president. A key difference between the American government and the Italian is that the Italian government has a prime minister. The prime minister is basically their equal to the president, the actual president doesn't really have much power, he is more of just a social figure. People believe the prime minister(Matteo Renzi) has too much power against the opposing party. The people of Italy had a vote over the power abundance and Matteo Renzi will resign in February of 2017.

Italy's pM matteo Renzi

H. Housing

Italy has some of the best architecture throughout the world. Along with housing, there is going to be info about other types of buildings. Italy has a lot of beautiful cathedrals throughout the country. Italian buildings/homes tend to have arches and columns and are supposed to appeal to the emotions and eyes. A lot of the different cities in Italy were based on the architecture of the Romans.

Notice the many arches and pillars in Saint Marks square. Venice, Italy.

I. Information

In Italy, there are four different stages of schooling. There is a Kindergarten like stage of schooling, then primary school(elementary), Secondary school(Middle School) then high school. The interesting thing about the high schools is, you can go to different high schools for different career paths like art, teaching, and science. Some education is free for children born outside of Italy, but then starts to cost money once you get to the level that requires the purchase of books.

J. Jobs

As of October 2016, the unemployment rate was at 11.6%. Italy has about 2.990 million unemployed people throughout the country. Child care is not really a much needed job because friends or family usually watch over younger kids. Construction and labor jobs are growing rapidly throughout the country. Finally, English teaching jobs are common because English is an important language to know.

K. Kind of environment

The temperature in Italy is normally pretty warm throughout the country. In Milan, the average year round temp. is 52* Fahrenheit. In Rome, the average year round temp. is 60* Fahrenheit. In my opinion, the weather is just right so you don't have to bundle up but you don't have to just wear tank-tops/relating articles of clothing.

L. Leftovers

The total population of Italy around 60 million. The total life expectancy is around 83 years old according to the World Health Organization, the number one killer of people in Italy is heart disease.


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