The Ocean

why the ocean is so importet

the zones of the ocean the first zone is called the sunlight zone it ranges formo 0-656 feet. There is a lot of plant life in this zones

the twilight zone is the second zone there is only dim light here no plants grow here. It ranges for 656-3280 feet. jellyfish and squids live in this zone.

The Midnight Zone I the is the third zone it does not get any sunlight same animals liver her like viperfish snipe eel, and angler fish.

The abyss is the fourth zone here a video on exploring the abyss.

The hadal zone is the fifth it is the deepest part of the ocean i ranges from 19,685-36,197 feet more on the hadal zone at

how does depth of the ocean effect the temp and pressure

resource we get form the ocean


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