Aboriginal Ceremonial life

In Aboriginal life ceremonies were very important. The ceremonies helped to educate the young people. All the ceremonies are different in different notion. Small ceremonies are called rituals. Rituals are still preformed today which includes customs, dreaming stories dancing and body decorations. One type of ceremony is entry into adult hood. You have this ceremony when you are 10-16. In this ceremony you would have your front tooth knocked out that would be a sign from a kid into a young adult. This ceremony would last for weeks. In this ceremony they would do nightly singing, dancing, customs and ceremonial objectsCeremonial life

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art is used to tell stories though symbols. There stories share cultural beliefs, survival skills and how to look after the land. Rock and cave carvings, body panting and ground designs are some of early forms of Aboriginal art. You can also see Aboriginal art in different styles of panting on bark, shelters, rock walls and all over trees. These styles of panting can also be found carved on weapons, utensils and sacred objects. Body paintings are other styles of Aboriginal art. There are three main styles of rock art. The first styles is carved shapes like circles, concentric circles, arcs, Animal tracks and dots. This type of art can be found in central Australia, Tasmania, the Kimberly and parts of Victoria. The second style is a simple style of panting or carved silhouettes of human and animals witch are found in QLD. The third style includes detailed paintings showing very detailed figures like x-ray Art and animals. This style is mostly found Arnhem land region.Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal plants


The narrow leaf Geebung is a native tree that fruits in summer. There are 90 species. It has small yellow flowers and it has round it has round green fruit with seeds. These trees are found all around Australia in different environment like open forest, heath and sand stone area. The fruits are used for food they need to be pealed and they are the best when soft. The ruff dark bark is used for tanning. It is soaked in water. The ruff tannin is used to protected animal skins, fishing lines, lines and strings.

Broad leaved paperbark

The broad leaved paper bark has small yellow bristly flowers growing on this tree it also has green narrow leaves. Can grow up to 8-15 meters tall. Sometimes it will grow up to 25 meters. This tree is found in Easton Australia NSW cost and Botany Bay Northern QLD. This plant is for reducing hay-fever sines infections. Crushed leafs to release their sap. The sap is also use to treat head cold. This plant is also used for smoking ceremonies as well as insect repellent.Broad leaved paperbark

Aboriginal ceremonies

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