El chico corre.
La chica lee.
Me gusta comer brownies.
La puerta abre.
Luke Bebe coke.
Chase le gusta compartir.
Colvin le gusta escribir.
Malcolm le gusta aprender.
Mi favorito cosa beber es Aqua.
La chica vende limonada.
Yo respondo a mi madre.
Yo creo en tu.
Mi madre asiste èl Super Bowl.
Yo tener poptarts.


Created with images by Peter Mooney - "Dunshaughlin 10KM Road Race 2014 - 800 meters to go" • Pratham Books - "A girl reading a book" • jeffreyw - "brownies...yawn...boooring" • Tama66 - "lost places keller elevator" • byrev - "can coca coke" • C!... - "Share" • DariuszSankowski - "old retro antique" • geralt - "leave board hand" • technicolor76 - "water drops" • amy.gizienski - "lemonade stand!" • PublicDomainPictures - "baby birth born" • Ashley Linh Trann ♥ - "JUST BELIEVE ." • tpsdave - "indianapolis indiana city" • JeepersMedia - "Pop Tarts,"

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